~A limited edition NFT collection from a parallel Bollywood Heroes dimension called Bollyverse. ~

~ The worlds’ first community driven world where your NFTs will be the stars of their own movies, animated series, games and a whole lot more. Will you be the owner of the hottest hero in the Bollyverse? ~

Your story, your medium, your stars, via your Legend & Hero NFT’s

Mumbai, 7th September 2021: Imagine not just owning a piece of the rich legacy of Bollywood, but also being able to add to that world with your own unique creations. Introducing Bolly Heroes, a limited NFT collection where you can write, act and produce your own stories and characters to launch community driven films, games, shows and animation.

The pre-registration starts on 7th September on the Bolly Heroes website.

Bolly Heroes is a parallel universe built in collaboration with real partners including production houses, celebrities, music labels, brands, gaming studios and animation studios. It offers people a chance to create a ‘Bollyverse’ where they can act, produce, and create their own stories with their own characters and produce community-driven films, digital animation, games and television shows.

There are 3 primary types of NFT’s and each NFT holder is rewarded with revenue share, incentives and exclusive access to ready to be launched new products. Community, innovators, and creators come together to let their imagination run wild, give life to their ideas and earn revenue on each new story and product.

  • Legend NFT’s – which contain over 250 handcrafted collectibles, are based on classic movie scenes and celebrities from the past 50 years of glorious Indian cinema. Creators can earn lifetime royalties on their artwork and early holders and participants will get a chance to earn more than 10% of share in revenues.
  • Hero NFT’s – a collection of 10,000 unique computer-generated digital art, can be instrumental in launching new projects where the users can get more than 2.5% of the revenue share.
  • Celeb NFT’s – created in collaboration with real celebrities and influencers will dish out regular rewards and participation rights for Legend and Hero holders.

Dhruv Saxena, Project Lead, Bolly Heroes says, “NFT’s are gaining popularity and increasingly being accepted as a credible asset class. Bolly Heroes offers a great platform to creators and collaborators to come together and build a strong community powered by the rich legacy of Bollywood. Community members, especially those who own early NFT’s will be rewarded by innovative projects, partnerships, and revenue share among other benefits. The idea is to build an incredible Bollyverse based on these characters that are created by the community.”

Other products in the ‘Bollyverse’ include Ultra Rare NFT’s through which users can produce their own characters. Bollybabies give users the chance to create something unique by merging and combining with other NFT’s. There will be the option of lending, staking and partaking in liquidity mining. Users can also produce comics, movies, animation and original stories. Along with exclusive collectible auctions and real physical item sales, the community can also produce its own merchandise and capitalize through e-commerce. It has also set up a Bolly DAO fund that aims to support struggling artists & support staff in Bollywood.

With NFT adoption increasing at an explosive rate in India and across the globe, Bolly Heroes offers a ton of opportunities for creators who will get a chance to collaborate with celebrities, influencers, brands and production houses, and other leading brand names.