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The episode starts with Kavya asking Raj to call the police as they need to find the real culprit. Kavya says it was one of your family members who forced us to make me sit as a bride in the mandap. Kavya says to call the police immediately and I will tell them the truth. Everyone gets shocked. Swapna thinks about where Rahul is and why he is not taking calls. She thinks her mother will kill her if she returns home without marrying Rahul. Rahul comes there. Swapna tells him how much she is scared when he doesn’t attend the call. Rahul tells her he was busy at work. Swapna asks him to marry her. Rahul asks her to give him some time. Swapna agrees and hugs him. Rahul thinks to leave her once he gets a chance.

Kanakam asks Kavya to not do it. Aparna asks them to stop their dramas. She asks who was that family member. Kavya reminds Raj that he forgets to call the police. Indradevi asks Kavya to tell the truth. Kavya reveals my mom attempted suicide knowing my sister has eloped and we saved her in a nick of time and it was not my mom’s idea to make me sit in the mandap as bride and we don’t even have that kind of idea and it was Rudrani’s idea and she forced us to do it. Raj asks Kavya to not blame her family. Dhanya Lakshmi asks Raj to think. She says Rudrani went to call the bride so she knows Swapna eloped. Aparna and Indrani ask Rudrani if it was her idea. Rudrani says she did it to save their family’s reputation. Aparna asks how she can deceive the family by hiding the truth. Rudrani says she did it for their prestige. Aparna gets enraged and scolds her for spoiling Raj’s life. Indrani stops Aparna and says it is not the correct time to discuss it in front of others.

Kanakam says to Kavya that she will leave. Kavya says good but never come here. Kanakam says ok but please visit us. Kavya refuses to visit them. Kanakam asks why she is punishing her. Dhanya Lakshmi says it’s not Kavya’s decision and tells her about Aparna’s condition. Kanakam says she won’t come until she dies if she gets a place in Duggirala’s house. She asks how her father will live without seeing her. She says don’t worry, I will lie to your father. Kanakam asks Kavya to set up her married life. Kanakam hopes that at least both her daughters will be happy.

Kanakam says she will take her leave. Kavya gives his word to Kanakam that a day will come when she will be invited into this house respectfully. Kavya says she will protect her self respect and dignity with what her father taught her. Kanakam says to Raj that Kavya is innocent and asks Raj not to punish Kavya for her mistakes. Kanakam takes her leave from there. Kavya comes and hugs Kanakam and asks her not to tell anything about what happened here to their family. Kanakam agrees and leaves from there.

Episode ends.

Precap – Aparna questions Rudrani on why she did it? Rudrani says she did it to save this family’s reputation. Aparna slaps Rudrani. Aparna says to Raj that only because of Seetharamayya’s kindness Rudrani is in this house if not she wouldn’t have been here. Aparna also says she is not their blood.

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