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Shalini asks Madan about Brahmarakshas. Madan says its Diwali in 2 days, Brahmarakshas will fulfill his goal. Shalini asks how will they find him, Madan shows a photo, Shalini says he looks familiar. Madan says he is Vardhan Chowdary. Shalini faints in shock.

Gehna calls Vardhan, he says pandit Shambunath son came here in search of him. Gehna thinks she has to do something before his truth comes out.

Shalini wakes up and tells about Vardhan being Brahmarakshas, Prithvi says Madan told them, but he doesn’t believe. Shalini reminds Prithvi that Vardhan knows all their past which tantrik knows, he will become amar if he marries Kalindi, so he is doing that which he couldn’t do 16 years back. They know Vardhan just for a few days. Prithvi goes into thinking and believes them.

Shalini asks Madan how will he defeat Brahmarakshas single handedly, Madan says he isn’t alone, Kali maa is with him. He has kali maa basm, if he throws it on Vardhan, his brahmarakshas form will be out. He asks them to keep all this secret, Vardhan shouldn’t know the plan. He asks Prithvi to bring Vardhan to him or take him near Vardhan.

Vardhan greets Vikram and gifts costly alcohol to keep something.

Angad and Kalindi are talking, Vardhan comes and says he will introduce her to some important people and takes her along. Madan comes in front of Vardhan and confronts him, he asks Vardhan to come into his real form and throws basm. But the powder doesn’t show affect and Vardhan just coughs. Madan tells everyone that Vardhan is Brahmarakshas. Prithvi doubts Madan as basm isn’t working, he scolds Madan and apologizes to Vardhan. Police come and ask Angad he complained on Vardhan for stealing money from his account, they checked his background, everything is clean and clear. Vardhan asks Angad why he complained, Angad is tongue tied. Paridhi says she will tell the reason, Angad likes Uma, so in jealousy, possessiveness he complained against Vardhan as Vardhan is going to marry Uma. Shakti scolds Angad, he already told this is India, not London, he has to stand by his father’s words and marry Paridhi.

Kalindi says Angad will marry Paridhi, its just that they know Vardhan only for few days, so Angad became protective and contacted police for background check. She wishes Paridhi all the best for marriage, she will marry Vardhan, so she doesn’t have to fear anything. Madan asks them to believe him, Brahmarakshas has power to control people’s actions. Police gets call that a bride died in jungle, heart is missing. So its clear that brahmarakshas is in jungle and Vardhan is normal human. Shalini, Prithvi apologize Vardhan for all the trouble. Gehna pays goons for killing bride, goons say they fed heart to dog. Gehna tells them to go far away from Ambala.

Madan dresses up as bride to bring brahmarakshas out. He comes to Angad and tells him to bring Vardhan out. Vardhan is drinking, Angad joins him and apologizes, he asks to forget old matters and to start new friendship, Vardhan says cheers. Angad says in London, people make fresh start in fresh air, so they will go out. Outside, Angad says he forgot phone, he will go inside and bring. Madan comes in bridal attire infront of Vardhan and challenges Brahmarakshas to come out. Vardhan stays normal and says human form is very valuable as brain gives them to power to think, while animals can’t think. Madan attacks with knife, Vardhan snatches knife and attacks Madan. Inside, bride Menaka is talking on phone and comes out for better network signal. Kalindi is searching for Menaka.

Vardhan turns Brahmarakshas and holds Menaka, Kalindi sees it and shouts, all family come out and get shocked to see Brahmarakshas taking away Menaka. Bleeding Madan tells Kalindi that he is wrong, he underestimated Brahmarakshas, he hated him as rakshas killed his father. Madan says his only hope now is her, she is divine soul and is answer to all questions. He becomes unconscious and is taken to hospital.

Angad asks Kalindi what was Madan saying, she says she thinks Vardhan is brahmarakshas, Angad doesn’t believe.

In forest, Gehna taunts brahmarakshas that Kalindi won’t marry him if he kills Menaka. She asks him to control the animal inside him, otherwise he can’t become amar. Menaka escapes and Vardhan makes her unconscious.

Vardhan comes home and talks to Kalindi that they can’t marry till Menaka comes back. Kalindi thinks if she misunderstood Vardhan. Vardhan says they will go to forest and search for Menaka. Whole family go to jungle.