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The episode starts with Minty pleading Angad to have her handmade kachoris. Robin teases her and she’s about to leave when Angad asks her to serve. Minty happily serves him and they have fun chatting. Robin gets goons call who says that their Kalindi is still alive and is with them but Robin takes it as a prank call and cuts the call. He hears hens sounds in the background. Chandni says that she’s Chandi and not Kalindi but they doesn’t believe her. On the other hand, somewhere in a restaurant a smoke comes and surrounds the whole place making it difficult for people to breathe. Everyone runs away while the smoke takes a girl with it.

At night, everyone including Chandni are sleeping when Sona comes there. She wakes her up and passes a knife to her. Chandni catches it and sets herself free using it. Sona asks her to come out but Chandni cuts the plait of a goon for troubling her. Sona comes in and asks whether they are hired by Boss but Chandni has no clue. They were about to run away when goons catches them and Chandni gets hurt by hunter.

 They points gun at Sona and Chandni and asks her to inform Kalindi family that she’s alive as they don’t believe them. Chandni is about to call when she sees Brahmarakshas reflection behind her and gets shocked. She and Sona tries running away but Brahmarakshas holds her hand preventing her to move. When it touches her blood his whole body burns and he peaces her. Chandni and Sona rushes to temple to escape Brahmarakshas. Chandni mocks Brahmarakshas as it couldn’t enter and feels God’s presence around her.

Brahmarakshas starts scaring people on streets and a guy live records it saying Brahmarakshas is back after two years. Angad and his family gets shocked seeing it on news. Angad goes to the old room and takes a sword. He says that he knows he will return and he was waiting for it. Angad plans to kill Brahmarakshas for revenge. On the other hand, Robin comes to the goons place and finds all dead. An injured goon shows him Kalindi’s picture and he gets shocked.

Chandni finds Iaali maa’s deity and sees a woman going pooja in front of havan. The woman looks at Chandni and says that she’s not supposed to come back. In the meantime, Kalindi is shown alive and she tries escaping but police caches her. The senior officer misunderstands her as thief Chandni and asks her to accept the truth. It is revealed that Kalindi was stuck there in the place of Chandni due to their resemblance. Kalindi pleads innocence but he doesn’t believe.

Prithvi and Shalini plans to mess the Jodi lovers club event and gets some drugs from Siddharth. They plans to do something evil with Minty’s cooking. Shaan and Robin are discussing about their date but Angad is least interested. They ask Angad to hook up with someone too. Sona and Chandni comes there and Chandni reveals in flashback about having her eye on Kaali maa’s jewels. She decides to trap the two rich people of the club in order to get her hands on the money. She sends Sona in and finds a bike that belongs to Robin. Angad comes out and finds a Viper leaving with Robin’s bike and follows her. On the other hand Shaan flirts with Sona and appoints her as bartender without enquiring anything. Angad is still following Chandni and Brahmarakshas appears in front of her. Iy picks up Chandni but Angad saves her. They both roll down and fall off a cliff. Chandni’s helmet gets removed and Angad gets shocked seeing Kalindi’s face. He recalls her moments with her.

On the other hand Prithvi and Shalini keeps Minty busy while Prithvi keeps the drugs packet in her food and packs it. Kalindi keeps stressing that she doesn’t remember anything other than Ambaala and Kaali Maa temple. Senior officer believes that Kalindi is cheating him even in lie detector. A Constable informs about the chaos in a club in Ambaala. He decides to take her to Ambaala to find the truth. Chandni and Angad falls down on rags.

Angad gets extremely happy seeing Kalindi alive. Chandni first denies it but later pretends to have memory loss in order to make use of the situation. Sona couldn’t do anything right as bartender but Shaan still helps her. Angad calls Robin and says that he have a surprise with him. Robin gets confused seeing his happiness after two years and wonders what is it.

Angad and Kalindi comes up and gets on the bike. Angad notices the massive differences between Kalindi and Chandni. The senior officer brings Kalindi near the temple but she still couldn’t remember anything. Prithvi calls Police and informs about drug supply in the club. The senior officer sends other police to look into it while he stays with Kalindi. Shaan and Robin gets shocked seeing Chandni and is very happy for Angad. Angad takes Robin aside and says about that the differences between the old and new Kalindi. He believes that she’s not Kalindi but Robin convinces him otherwise. Angad and Chandni have a conversation and Angad is sure that she’s not Kalindi. Kalindi feels danger and alerts senior officer but he doesn’t believe her. Kalindi faints seeing Brahmarakshas there while senior officer gets shocked.