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The episode starts with Angad buying drinks for Chandni. Chandni shares her experience while Angad gets confused seeing her behaviour. He starts getting more and more doubtful. On the other hand Brahmarakshas kills the senior officer Yug and enters his body. Yug becomes Brahmarakshas. Robin shares with the crowd about Kalindi and Angad love story and congratulates them for their reunion.

Sona finds Chandni laughing with Angad and calls her side. She asks her the reason for the behaviour when Chandni explains about Kalindi’s face resembling her. She says that Kalindi is dead and she’s going to trap Angad for his money. Brahmarakshas enters the party as Yug and searches for Chandni. Sona spots Yug and alerts Chandni. They both runs to hide while Brahmarakshas follows them.

On the other hand, Police finds drugs packets in Minty’s lunch boxes and calls Yug to inspect. Yug misses Chandni in the meantime and goes to check on the drugs. He lashes out at them as its not drugs and asks them to not trouble him anymore with their stupidity. He wonders what’s his connection with Chandni.

Chandni and Sona tries leaving but Robin stops them. He apologizes Chandni for Angad’s behaviour and expresses his trust on her that she’s Kalindi and leaves. Sona asks Chandni to make use of the situation and live as Kalindi in Angad’s rich household. Prithvi and Shalini waits for the bad news when Angad’s parents comes there.

Robin introduces them to Kalindi and everyone gets shocked seeing her. Shalini faints as everyone recalls the past. Everyone gets extremely happy and Minty is about to hug her. She finds Chandni drunk but Robin asks her to let it go. Angad asks Sona to take Chandni to her room. Sona asks him to take himself. Sona and Minty fight over Chandni.

Angad asks them to stop. His parents asks why they couldn’t find the happiness on his face even after Kalindi’s return. Angad thinks that he can’t reveal his suspicions and spoil everyone’s happiness. He makes up some excuse and takes Chandni to the room. Chandni flirts with Angad in her drunken state when Angad is confused.

Yug comes to police station and everyone fears seeing him. Yug offers them money and orders them to follow him. They all gets scared and some takes the money. He asks the others to worship him but not like God but like devil. The others vends down in front of him while only one doesn’t do ether. He shoots him on his arm and forces him to bow too. Kalindi is tied up in some place. Prithvi is fuming over Kalindi’s return and Shalini gives him the idea to kill her.

 She asks him to cook up a story that she killed herself as she’s mentally unstable. Prithvi praises her plan and they both go to Chandni’s room. They were about to stab her but Chandni pushes them and strangles them in her sleep. They try again but gets failed again. They both gets very hurt in the end as Chandni beats them black and blue in her sleep. They wonder how did the simple Kalindi became so strong and leaves the room.

Next morning, Angad denies Pari’s idea of following spiritual practice. Pari acts like saint and asks him to speak his heart out to her. He reveals about Kalindi’s return and Pari panics. She asks how’s it possible but Angad says she’s just a resemblance of Kalindi by face but not Kalindi. He takes her aside to say everything.

Minty brings lime and aloe Vera juice for Chandni but Chandni rejects it. Sona brings whiskey for her and she takes it. Minty feels bad when Sona mocks her for Chandni choosing what she brought. Chandni decides to act so that they won’t doubt her. She mixes the juice and whiskey together and drinks it. Minty feels bad and Chandni orders her for breakfast. Everyone is having food at dining table when they find a severely injured Prithvi and Shalini. They cooks up some excuse. Chandni comes there and snatches everyone’s food and starts eating it with her hands. Robin, Minty and Angad watches it from up. Minty is sure that she’s Kalindi but Sona spoiled her.

A parent complaints to Yug about their daughter’s disappearance. They say that she went to washer man’s shop near jungle to bring clothes and didn’t returns. Brahmarakshas recalls killing the girl and says that she would’ve ran away with the washer man. Her parents leave angrily when he denies helping them.

 A police gives the Cctv footage of the party. Minty excitedly shows Chandni her room and the drawings drawn by Kalindi. Robin gets happy seeing Minty’s happiness after Kalindi’s return. Angad says he can never feel the same happiness. Minty gives the dress to Chandni which Angad gifted to Kalindi. Kalindi takes it and is wants to wear it. Minty comes out and believes that she’s Kalindi. Chandni comes out wearing the suit in her own sexy style.

Angad scolds her for wearing Kalindi’s suit and shows the video of Kalindi’s real life. He says she can never be Kalindi. He leaves and Sona comes there and asks her to become Kalindi. Pari tells Prithvi and Shalini about Kalindi’s look alike and decides to use her to get close with Angad. Chandni asks Minty to help her but Minty leaves angrily. Pari promises Chandni to help her become Kalindi everyone loves. Chandni hugs her.

Chandni arranges picnic for Angad and admires him. She shows red velvet cake to everyone which is Angad’s favourite and Robin asks him to have it. Pari tells her parents about mixing strawberry puree in the cake as Angad is allergic to it. Angad starts coughing after having the cake while Chandni fumes on learning about his allergy.