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On Diwali night, Amavasya, Brahmarakshas is back and powerful. A newly wedded couple walk in the jungle route as road is blocked. Brahmarakshas kills them.


6 hours ago, in Ambala, diwali celebrations are going on full swing, Kalindi father gives money to his best friend Angad father to go to London. Angad father is overwhelmed and denies so much money, but on his friends insisting, he agrees to pay money after he grows up his business. He says its Kalindi money, his bahu money, they fix Angad-Kalindi marriage. Angad’s mother Damini boasts of her gold necklace with other ladies.

 Someone in the family steal Kalindi birth chart but tears only page in the fear of getting caught, a lady comes and sees Kalindi birthchart and wonders why its here, she keeps it back in cupboard. The man shows Kalindi birth chart to tantrak. Tantrak scolds him for bringing incomplete birth chart. He sees the girl has Rohini nakshatra and says its perfect. He asks the man to bring Kalindi as bride, he is planning to marry Kalindi with animal.


Angad, Kalindi are seeing stars and talking, they bond over a shooting star.


3 people discuss of taking Kalindi with them, servant hears them, they beat her and lock her in a room. Kalindi father goes to drop Angad family to airport. Angad father says he will remember to get Angad, Kalindi married. Angad gifts Kalindi.


Servant calls Angad father and informs about their plan, he panics and calls a man and tells to take Kalindi to his home. He says okay and takes Kalindi out. The three men get tensed on not seeing Kalindi home, they think to take servant as bride in place of Kalindi. Tantrak does some Puja in Kali mandir, he realises the girl is not Kalindi and ties the men up, he asks where is Kalindi. A man brings Kalindi saying he also needs partnership with them.

Kalindi father reaches  there and is tied up, he asks Kali maa to save them, its Goddess defeat if evil wins in her temple. Heavy air blows and everything is falling, animal breaks its ties and attacks tantrik, pillars fall down and the men kill Kalindi father after robbing temple jewelry. He says Kalindi will take his revenge. Animal kills tantrik, his soul enters the animal after dying.


Family members discuss Kalindi is owner of property now, if something happens to her, it will go to trust. They are only care takers. Police come and ask what happened, they pretend to be sad and say they will take Kalindi custody.


6 hours later, Pandit sees animal killing the couple, he feels its not normal animal. According to puranas, if animal kills a man with burning desire, man’s soul occupies animal body and it becomes Brahmarakshas. He uses his powers and limits brahmarakshas powers to that jungle and dies.


16 years later, Angad Mehra is playing football match, he wins and everyone cheers for him. He gets trophy and is taking selfie with fans, he gets a call and leaves. His father is at office in a meeting, he tells clients that presentation is made by his son Angad. Angad comes there in his sports dress, he talks with clients funnily and flirts with a female client, he sits on the table and eats apple. He says he is hungry and asks clients if they liked his presentation. They all praise it. Angad says he wants to make their brand world famous. He boasts of himself, he plays soccer, does business.

His father hits him after clients leave. Angad asks why is he angry, he says he came to office in shorts. Angad shows him trophy and India flag. His father calms down as India is his weakness. He says Angad knows how to pacify him. He tells Angad to call his brother, they all go home together.

Angad’s father scolds them both for flirting with girls, they are living in high India community, everyone close their doors and windows by the time Angad and his brother comes, girls parents are saying 2 lafang will come. Angad’s brother says they are handling his 3 business, his father says they are taking forward his business but not his name. Inside their home, Damini is partying with girls, girls are leaving as its late.

Angad comes amd flirts with them. His father says they have to go to India, he promised his friend to marry Angad and Kalindi. Damini says his friend is dead and they don’t even know where are his family living. He says he found out everything, they are living in Ambala.

Damini asks why to go so far for marriage, girls here fall behind Angad and many families want to marry their daughters to Angad. Angad says he won’t do arranged marriage. His father tells him to see the girl first and then decide, they are going to India and that’s final. Damini tells Angad to just see the girl and reject.

Angad’s brother asks him what if likes some girl there, Angad says Indian girls are too slow. He sees stars and says he feels some connection seeing them, he feels some one else is also seeing the shooting star at some other place. Kalindi is seeing stars and tells the same to a girl. She feels hope seeing stars, that some one will come and her life will become better. The girl says she took frankie secretly while making. She offers one to Kalindi but Kalindi takes them and gives it to a lady and apologizes for stealing. She scolds Kalindi.


Brahmarakshas again kills a couple passing through jungle, a man makes a list of all couples who died in jungle.