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Newly married couple talk happily coming out of temple. Priest asks why are they still here, he warned them to go away as soon as Puja is over, they say he is talking like jungle ghost gossips are true. Priest says bride groom is born in Rohini nakshatra. Brahmarakshas chases the couple.


Kalindi teaches physics to students online. Minty is fighting with her cousins, Kalindi comes and solves the issue, they remember how their Shalini chachi punished them for eating more in childhood but fed her own daughter even if she doesn’t want. Their cousins taunt Kalindi and her sister as free loaders. Kalindi says she agrees chacha ji is doing a big favor on them, but they are not free loaders, they pay rent and money for everything. They taunt if they have so much money, why can’t they stay in another house. Kalindi says she has plan of buying own house.


Minty tells Kalindi they will just go away, no need to repay father’s loan, had their father been alive, they wouldn’t have faced so many troubles. Kalindi says if their father is alive, he would repay loan, he was a good man. Minty says she only saw father’s photo, she doesn’t remember anything else, she was small then. She says Kalindi was also small but remembers everything except his accident.


Kalindi chacha ji says he feels bad for Kalindi, she studies in college, teaches students, does house work, repays her father loan which he never took. His gang ask why is he talking like this, Shakti is coming India, their 16 years plan will fail if he changes. He laughs and says he became Kalindi father by this acting. He goes to Kalindi and asks her to sign few papers. She signs them, every month he asks her to read and sign but she trusts him as father.


A lady tells Brahmrakshas he will get what he wants. They kill bride groom. A man goes to Pandit house and tells this time bride groom is also dead. Pandit goes to police and says its not human deed and shows the marks on dead body, they are done by animal. These marks are same as on his father’s body. Police says his father died 16 years back, wolf life is less than that. Pandit asks if he can see the person details, he notices the person was born in Rohini nakshatra. He feels Brahmrakshas got what he wants, freedom from the jungle. The lady says Brahmarakshas got new body and tells him to capture it.


Angad and family land in India. Damini steps on cowdung and gets annoyed. Shakti says its good Gaumata dhan. Kalindi cousins get ready and chat about instagram likes. They google about Angad, Robin and find them cool guys, Angad is business man, soccer player, Robin is video maker. They get ready to impress them.


Kalindi, Minty cook many items for guests. Kalindi sees 2 Samosas missing. Minty says she is counting and making these, no problem they made so many other snacks. She returns the Samosas she hided, she got tempted seeing ghee samosas. Kalindi says one day she will cook her call items made with ghee, but now her salary is not that high. Kalindi sees Agarwal shop Samosas missing. She will go out and bring, Minty says Chachi told them not to go out today but Kalindi goes saying she will come soon.


Angad, Robin are exploring the roads, Robin is shooting videos. Kalindi dashes them with her scooty, she apologizes Angad, he stares at her. Robin shoots the video captioning it something about Indian girls. Kalindi gets angry. Later Angad, Robin go in their car, Kalindi punctures its tyres, she asks them to walk as punishment, they stereotyped Indian girls.


Shakti, Damini come to Kalindi’s house. Shalini welcomes them, her daughters take their blessings. Shakti asks who is Kalindi out of them. He says they have to tell them something and lies about Kalindi that she got traumatized and wolf attacked her after her father’s death, later she got cholera, jaundice same time and she became lifeless.

They tried a lot to save her but couldn’t. They sent Minty to Nanihal and got her married as they don’t want her sister life affect her. Shakti feels sad, he came to India to get Kalindi, Minty married with his sons, but situation here is something else. He asks why they hid such a big thing. They lie that they didn’t want to trouble them. Shalini says they raised their daughters with good sanskaar.

Damini says she wants london Bahus. Shalini husband tells her to stop, they are normal family from Ambala and they are rich family from London. Shakti asks him not to talk like that. He is like Raghav brother and  he wants to see his daughters. They serve jalebis bought by Kalindi and impress Shakti.  Angad, Robin come in bad state with mud all over them, they say a girl troubled them. Shakti says they must have done something, so the girl did in return.

 Paridhi, Sakshi flirt with Angad, Robin. Kalindi sees Angad and feels tensed as she unknowingly troubled guests. Paridhi hears it and tells it to her mother. Shalini asks Kalindi to change her name as punishment, her new name is Uma, Minty new name is Rama. This way, Shakti won’t catch their lies.