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Kalindi says sorry scooter to Angad and leaves in hurry. He smiles thinking about her.

Brahmarakshas thinks he struggled a lot for 16 years to come out of jungle. He will finally get the girl he wanted 16 years back.

Kalindi counts the money and says she can’t repay her father’s loan, if she wants to take house on rent, she doesn’t have money to pay as security deposit. Even if she tuitions double kids, money won’t be enough. Minty cools her down pouring water on her head.

Prudhvi and his friends discuss about new rich person in Ambala, Vardhan Chaudhary, who booked whole top floor in hotel. They think about inviting him.

Gehna touches Vardhan aka Brahmarakshas and says getting invitation is his first win. He says its their win. He credits her for giving him human form. He wishes for her also to come to party. She compares their looks. He says she still looks young for him and shows their original faces in mirror. She tells him to keep animal inside him in control. He shouldn’t kill the girl. The girl’s nakshatra will bring her close to him. He says he won’t kill her easily. He has to torture her for 16 years horror he faced.

Sakshi clicks pics with Angad and posts on Instagram. He asks her about her elder sister. Angad tells Robin, whenever he sees the girl, he feels they have met earlier. Robin tries to ask Shalini about the girl but Angad diverts the matter.

Kalindi packs the gift, Minty taunts its cheap cookery set. Shalini calls Uma, Rama. Minty says they are not their names. She tells Kalindi to help Paridhi get ready for party. Kalindi tells Paridhi its simple, she will wear that green dress by closing her eyes. Paridhi asks which dress she doesn’t want to wear.

 Kalindi shows the maroon dress. Paridhi chooses it. Kalindi wears green dress thinking Paridhi will like it seeing the dress on her. She struggles tying doris and Angad helps her. Later, Angad chooses green suit, pant, tie. Robin taunts he will look like Christmas tree. Paridhi wears green dress and says she also liked it. Family leave for party, Minty sees them and asks Kalindi if she doesn’t wish to have servants behind her, luxury cars, make up. Kalindi says her heart isn’t healed yet and she doesn’t want monetary things.

Kalindi plays bhoot game as Minty likes it, but she sees Minty is not in house, she sees a chit and understands Minty went to party. She feels its dangerous and goes to party. Minty hides and eats in party, Angad dashes her and apologizes, she feels he isn’t that bad.

Vardhan comes to party, a lady sees his animal avatar in lift and faints. Media take his interview. Kalindi comes there and he feels her presence. He leaves hurrily thanking media but doesn’t find Kalindi.

Paridhi is pulled by her ex-boyfriend Sid, she says everything is over between them. He asks why their family is running behind that london guys. Paridhi frees herself from him and leaves. Angad collides with Sid and asks if he has seen green dress girl. Sid says he won’t get the girl, Angad amusingly taunts his predictions.

Shalini tries to impress Damini but Damini says her sons don’t like desi girls. But Angad comes and says he likes Desi girls, he calls Shalini mummy ji. Shalini happily says she always wanted a son and now got him. Damini doesn’t look impressed and tells Angad he is a big businessman in London and he will get any girl. Angad is thinking Kalindi as bride for him.

Angad sees Kalindi and says he thought she wouldn’t come to party, she puts the mask and takes him aside to tell why she came there. He asks her for a dance, she denies but he requests just one time.

Prudhvi greets Vardhan, Kalindi comes towards them and touches Vardhan hand unknowingly while passing, he feels her presence and searches for her but doesn’t find. He kills another girl for sadistic pleasure.

Angad asks Kalindi for number, they can chat. She doesn’t tell but Minty comes and tells phone number. Kalindi asks why she gave number, Minty says he is a charmer and he likes Kalindi as he didn’t reveal about puncture to anyone in family.

Police see deadbody, pandit says its brahmarakshas deed, they have to fear him. Police shows marks on girl’s neck, its chain snatchers work, robbers killed her not animal.

Vardhan makes Gehna wear necklace, he says he didn’t meet the girl who will make him amar, but he felt her presence. Gehna asks him to come in his real avatar.

Precap: Vardhan comes to Kalindi house, Shakti tells him his friend Raghav and his daughter died years back, Kalindi comes there to serve food. Vardhan feels her presence. He changes to his animal form in his room. Kalindi hears weird sound and knocks on his door to check if everything is fine.