Kohl is an basic and essential part of every heroine’s makeup. But sometimes male actors use it to add drama, suspense and intensity of their eyes. Some characters are strong and need more dramatic makeup.  To magnify the role, actors use Kohl in their eye makeup.


Shahrukh Khan – Raees is an upcoming movie of Shahrukh Khan with a very sturdy character. King of romance hardly used Kohl in his previous films but to build an unforgettable mark in mind of audience about this role, he has used Kohl in eyes. Audience are loving the looks in teasers and posters.


Ranveer Singh – To play a historical character Bajirao in Sanjay Leela Bansali’s Bajirao Mastani, Ranveer not only transforms himself like a strongest historical man of India but also used Kohl to add intensity to his expressions. The rest is history in Indian Cinema.


Rishi Kapoor – Legendary Rishi Kapoor has used Kohl in Agneepath to appear like a master of all. The Kohl not only added dramatic touch to his impeccable acting but also enhances his character to dominate the scenes. It’s one of the strongest character Rishi Ji has played till now.


Salman Khan – In Veer Salman Khan splendidly played a fictional historic character Veer. To get that perfect look of Indian cowboy, a lover and a fighter, Salman used Kohl. Ever handsome and daring Salman looked even more daring with that midas touch in his eyes.


Arshad Warsi – Arshad Warsi has sported Kohl in Ishqiya and Jila Ghaziabad. Surprisingly, both characters were off beat and become famous in their category. A bit of dash in his eyes uplifted the potency of his character. A perfect actor like Arshad delivered unbeatable performance.


Hrithik Roshan – In Jodha Akbar, to append the aura of historical character Akbar, Hrithik sported Kohl. Not only Hrithik displays poise of Akbar but also granduer of his personality is beautifully captured. Who else can do better except Greek God Hrithik?