Can Pragya trace the secret family members are hiding from her?: Kumkum Bhagya Spoiler
Can Pragya trace the secret family members are hiding from her?: Kumkum Bhagya Spoiler

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Zee TV popular show Kumkum Bhagya serial is witnessing some major turning points these days in their story.

As reported earlier Digvijay asks Killer to finish his unfinished work. Killer goes to Abhi house, Guards caught him and they surrounds the killer. Pragya notices it’s the same killer. Killer escapes from that place. Guards won’t follow thinking who will guard house. Pragya goes behind killer. Aliya and other family members gets to know from Guards that some thief tried to enter. Aliya says it can be Pragya plan.

Killer goes to Digvijay’s car and tells him about tight security at Abhi’s place. Pragya notices face mask in car and holds Digvijay neck and asks him show his face but he escapes from Pragya with Killer’s help. Pragya thinks Abhi’s life is still in danger and she goes back to Abhi’s place and enters Abhi room through back side. Aliya tries to stop her but Pragya notices room is shattered. Aliya drags her out and asks inspector to arrest her.

In the upcoming episode viewers gonna witness that Pragya says Aliya is scared that I will find the truth they are hiding, I’m daughter in law of this house and won’t leave from here. Inspector says Pragya is correct and she can lodge domestic violence case if she is bahu of this house. Aliya asks Pragya to prove that she is married to Abhi. Pragya says Meera is proof of my marriage and she calls for Meera. Aliya says Meera went from here because her contract is over, tell me if you have any other proof. Pragya looks on.

What secret family members are hiding from everyone?  What happened to Abhi?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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