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Bridgerton: When He Was Wicked

Did you notice how Francesca seemed taken aback when she was introduced to the cousin of the Earl of Kilmartin? Was she intimidated by Michaela or blown away by her beauty? What does this mean for the newlyweds? If you’re a curious cat, head to Audible to listen to the audiobook that has an interesting twist in the love story of Francesca and Earl of Kilmartin.

Bridgerton: An Offer From A Gentleman

This season, we see Benedict’s heart being evasive and new developments in his story. However, even the most stunning ladies don’t seem to capture his attention for long. Maybe he is awaiting someone truly special. In this book, his heart finally finds a home in a mystery woman. But Benedict must fight the odds to wed her. Will he go the extra mile for his one shot at fairy tale love? Tune in and listen to this audiobook to know more!

Bridgerton: To Sir Phillip, With Love

To win Eloise’s hand and heart, one must first win her mind. Is there a perfect gentleman in the ton who can give her the intellectual stimulation she eagerly seeks? In this part of the Bridgerton series, we see Eloise being wooed with well-written letters by someone she has never met. Alas, he is far from perfect like the gentlemen vying for her hand in the ton. Listen in to know if she will take the plunge!

Bridgerton: It’s in His Kiss

The youngest of the Bridgerton siblings, Hyacinth has had quite a reputation for being devilishly outspoken and being the first to call out her siblings’ secret love affairs. However, her love story is not quite different from theirs. It all starts with the intention to help an acquaintance she meets at the annual Smythe-Smith musicale. This soon leads to discovering much-needed answers – albeit, in each other. Much like it was with her siblings, tune in to find out if a simple kiss could complicate everything!

Bridgerton: On The Way To The Wedding

Having grown up admiring the marriages of his siblings, Gregory yearns for a happily ever after for himself. Would destiny hand it to him on a silver platter or would he have to snatch the love of his life from another man as suggested by the book title – On The Way To The Wedding? Poor Gregory finds himself in a love triangle not once but twice. Listen to the audiobook to see how Gregory’s love story shapes up!