As per the current track, what viewers are going to witness next week will be heart wrenching. Precap of today’s episode indicate that Dr. Ishani met with an accident and Dr. Sid runs crying out her name loud.  We suggest otherwise. Imagine a scene when Dr. Ishani met with anRead More →

In the upcoming episode of Sanjivani 2, Dr. Sid is trying to keep distance from Dr. Ishani after realizing his proximity with her.However, due to some past experience which viewers will see as a flashback as he is shown taking out his pagdi as a groom and throwing it onRead More →

“Romance is temporary and Bromance is permanent”; well this is just not a quote but a gentle reality of the Indian shows. If you are an Indian soap addict than you will truly relate with the above mentioned quote! If you deeply dig you will find without any doubt ourRead More →

In the upcoming episode of Sanjivani 2 Dr. Sid has rejected his potential love life with Dr. Ishani because of  a past. Dr. Rahil teases Dr. Sid as he sees Dr. Ishani’s name on his hand. Dr. sid comes to his senses and scratched her name from his hand. SeemsRead More →

A lot is expected to happen this week in Sanjivani. With Jessica and Jignesh engagement and mehndi celebrations, viewers will witness celebration, dances and romance in full swing. However, this will also lead to plotting, planning and conspiracies.  While Dr. Ishani (Surbhi Chandna) and Dr. Sid’s (Namit Khanna) romance willRead More →

In upcoming episode after a lovely encounter when Dr. Sid cares for sleeping Dr. Ishani during the marriage preparations of Jignesh and Jessica, Dr. Ishani and Dr. Sid face an awkward situation. Later, Dr. Sid asks Dr. Ishani is she in love with him? No matter how much tempted Dr.Read More →

TV has been home to lot of talent in form of actors but there are few actors who beside entertaining audiences are supremely talented in other crafts too. So, why not let’s have a look at these actors and their other secret talents. Pooja Banerjee Pooja is being loved inRead More →