As 2019 is heading towards its end take a look at ITV actors who have given heart winning performance this year! Though each year actors give best performance but 2019 will be counted in the memorable year because this year few actors; like Shaheer Sheikh, Karan V Grover, Avinesh RekhiRead More →

In Sanjivani, Dr. Sid is roaming helpless on road remembering how Dr. Asha asked him to deliver what he is promised. He also remembers how his childhood went without father’s name.  Dr. Sid and Dr. Ishani talking to each other. Dr. Sid says he cannot ignore the child and playRead More →

After Asha’s revelation especially to Sid who caught her red-handed giving wrong injection to Rahil, there is no limit of happiness for Sanjivani fans. They are basking in romantic moments of SidIsha which for sure is long awaited and very beautifully picturized with perfect expressions of actor duo – SurbhiRead More →

In upcoming episode, Dr. Sid angrily scolding Dr. Asha and without asking any explanation he says, she has played with his profession and he can’t forgive her for that.  In cafeteria, Dr. Rahil says  Dr. Ishani that hae is okay and it was all part of plan to catch Dr.Read More →

Today’s episode symbolizes no matter how huge evil is, good always wins.  Episode opens with Dr. Sid scolding Dr. Asha. When she again tries to blame it on Dr. Ishani, Dr. Sid argues that whenever there is something, she always brings Dr. Ishani in between their conversation. Have she everRead More →