Whenever we think of summer, the first thought which flashes in our minds is a season of perspiration, dehydration and fever. However, that is the worst part. Contralily, best part consist of icecreams, cold drinks, holidays and air conditioners. For a celeb, it’s easy to enjoy the best part butRead More →

Actor Tanvi Dogra is happy to be seen in Dipti Kalwani’s Ek Bhram – Sarvagun Sampanna. The actor says that the show’s genre is attracting many people. “Thrillers have a different place in audiences heart, they excite them to know more about the story, basically keeps them glued,” says theRead More →

Shrenu Parikh is a celeb who challenge herself constantly. Started from a cameo in Gulaal, she continued her journey with different positive roles in various shows. Her choice of roles let her showcase many shades in divergent roles. She is presently playing role of Jhanvi which is surprisingly a greyRead More →

Nothing has been changed in Indian soaps if you look closely, each daily soap are still incomplete without its four major components. No drama seems interesting unless it has a: VENGEFUL VAMP, IDEAL DAUGHTER-IN LAW, DEVOTED HUSBANDS and FUNNY COMEDIAN. To run a show these four plays a vital roleRead More →