In upcoming episode Jinn disguised as Adaa kills Chotu as well. She captures their souls in a bowl and tells Aman to come to Kala Jungle if he wants to resurrect his family otherwise he will offer their souls to Laal Chand. After that, they can never be resurrected. Later,Read More →

As 2019 is heading towards its end take a look at ITV actors who have given heart winning performance this year! Though each year actors give best performance but 2019 will be counted in the memorable year because this year few actors; like Shaheer Sheikh, Karan V Grover, Avinesh RekhiRead More →

In today’s episode, Dadi asks Tabizi that it’s not Laal Chaand ki raat. Tabizi replies it’s unusual moon and Sifriti Jinn will take it out from ground. Here, Jinn (Kabir) takes out Laal Chand from ground. Parveen don’t believe in whatever Tabizi is saying and throw her out. Tabizi requestsRead More →

In the upcoming episode viewers will witness Abir confessing his love for Mishti and his dilemma about why he left her despite of her being his life, how much he is weak as a person and his helplessness to handle the angst in his heart towards Mishti. His confession happenedRead More →