In upcoming episode viewers will witness Roshni calling for Baazigar who is still have some breaths left. He carries Roshni to Kala Jungle.  In Jungle, Jinn is waiting for Aman. He will instigate Aman to sacrifice himself to Laal Chand. Roshni is flying on Baazigar and sees Aman in KalaRead More →

Good news for all Sanjivani fans (Nacho! Nacho!). The thing which fans thought will take ages in Sanjivani to see or some fans even drop the hope of happening, HAPPENED.   Coming episode is full of SidIsha-ness with Sid calling Ishani his wife and teen bachchon ki maa. (Itti sexy maaRead More →

As 2019 is heading towards its end take a look at ITV actors who have given heart winning performance this year! Though each year actors give best performance but 2019 will be counted in the memorable year because this year few actors; like Shaheer Sheikh, Karan V Grover, Avinesh RekhiRead More →

In Sanjivani, Dr. Sid is roaming helpless on road remembering how Dr. Asha asked him to deliver what he is promised. He also remembers how his childhood went without father’s name.  Dr. Sid and Dr. Ishani talking to each other. Dr. Sid says he cannot ignore the child and playRead More →