Today’s episode starts with Saumya stopping the women from snatching Mahi’s mangalsutra. Everyone looks at Saumya. Saumya says our family mates don’t think Harman will not come back. She asks people if they can’t support them than no need to trouble them. She asks people to leave. Mahi feels theRead More →

  Today’s episode opens with Harak yelling at Samuya. Mahi supports Saumya. harak ask Mahi not to speak in between. Mahi says Suamya is Harman’s true love and she can’t throw Saumya out. The duo does an argument.  Harak ask Saumya to go way from his house. Preeto looks atRead More →

Today’s episode starts with people asking about Harman from Preeto and Harak. Preeto yells at the crowd and says that Harman will come back and each one of you will see. She asks them to leave. Preeto enters the house and recalls Harman’s moment. She says Vedant pushed Harman andRead More →

Today’s episode starts with Vedant. He fires the bullet at Saumya and Harman take it on him. Saumya screams Harman’s name. Vedant shots Harman again. Saumya panics. Harman snatches gun from Vedant’s hand and waste the bullets. He puts Vedant on gunpoint.  Harman beats Vedant and reaches to the endRead More →

Today’s episode starts with Harman stuck at the road. He runs without the car to reach Saumya. Mallika and Mr. Bansal too search for Saumya and Vedant. Vedant and Saumya marriage starts. Chameli reaches the same temple and sees Vedant’s goons. She calls Harman and informs him about the location.Read More →

Today’s episode opens with Vedant. He puts Mr. Bansal on gun point and says he will marry today itself. Mr. Bansal stands shocked. Rohan comes, Vedant ask Bansal to hold Rohan. Vedant drags Saumya. Saumya ask Vedant to leave her hand. Mr. Bansal says Saumya never loved him and ifRead More →

High voltage drama in colors Tv Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki will hook the audiences to their seat. In the upcoming sequence will see Harman and Vedant will fight each other and after that Harman will fall down from the cliff marking the exit of Vivian Dsena. After Vedant willRead More →

Today’s episode opens with Saumya crying seeing Rohan. Nurse asks her not to cry, as Rohan will gain consciousness soon. Vedant and Mr. Bansal comes and gets teary seeing Rohan. Doctor comes and asks Mr. Bansal to come with him to do the formalities. Saumya stays with Rohan, recalls momentsRead More →

Today’s episode opens with Mr. Bansal says to Rekha that Vedant and Saumya is happy with each other. Rekha speaks against Saumya. Vedant ask Rekha not to insult Saumya. Rekha yells back at Vedant for marrying a trans-gender. Rekha holds Saumya’s hand to throw her out. Vedant stops her andRead More →

Bringing back old cult classic TV shows is becoming a sort of rising trend on Indian Television these days. Recently, Star Plus’ one of the mega hits “Kasauti Zindagi Kay 2” made a comeback not long ago. Recently the show that got added in the list of comebacks is “SanjivaniRead More →