The episode begins with Mishti is hugging Abir and the entire family members of Maheswari comes out. They caught them in hugging position and freaks out that what is going on? Abir tries to tell them everything when Mishti says that it is my responsibility to let my family knowRead More →

Episode begins with Mishti is sleeping in the lap of Rajshri and asking her who did the love marriage first in the house? Rajshri tries to remember when Mishti says it must be Shaurya uncle and Varsha aunty right? Rajshri says as far as I can remember it is theRead More →

The episode begins with Abir and Mishti comes near a pond area for drowning the idol of Ganapati. Mishti gets a call from Yashpal, he is trying to enquire about the fight between Kunal and Abir as he is tensed. Abir is doing the last veneration of Ganapati before theRead More →

Chemistry between leads in Indian Television can make or break the show. That is the power of a pair. These days every new show is trying to star a fresh pair to attract the audience without any judgement. It won’t be wrong to say that many of these experiment isRead More →

They are smart, charming and incredibly hot. Any girl will have a melt down on their one look. Such is the charisma of today’s hot hunks who are in their twenties. They are dream dominators and ruler of hearts of millions of girls across world. Let’s see a glimpse ofRead More →