This propose day celeb turns their mind and share the idea of Film direction. They share the way how the couple would propose in their films.

SARA KHAN: I would direct romantic scene with normal dose of masala action and yes a cute item number before the guy proposes the girl. Such as he understand the emotions for her and also fear to loose her. Hero will first fight the antagonist and they meet crying to hug and pamper each other and with little comedy he will propose.

TANYA SHARMA: I will direct a romantic thriller which will focus how a lawyer (hero) will safe the criminal (heroine) from a murder case. Sorting the case they will fall in love and at the end he wins the case and saves the girl. She proposes the hero and asks him to marry her with romantic dialogue.

PARINEETA BORTHAKUR: For me love is all about expression. Words or communication are better way to start up knowing someone. So in my movie I’ll direct how the girl meets the guy on some issue communicating with each other and keep chatting all day along and at last they propose without words. As duo understands they are made for each other. Simple and creative way off course!

MAHIKA SHARMA: I would love to direct a romantic horror thriller. The couple meets running away from ghost and they help each other and plan to fight ghost and when they defeat the ghost they understand the need of each other in their life and plans to be forever together. Will make it bit horror for entertainment.

SOFIA HAYAT: I’ll direct a movie where God takes birth to help the earth and spread love all around once again. In my movie it will be how God as a man and women being unknown to their reality falls in love and help the society. When they accomplish the reason of their birth, they move on to temple and propose each other and remember their own identity.

VEER ARYAN: I will direct a scene where the man takes the girl on a yacht onto an island and says ‘Even if I was stuck here for the rest of my life on an island there wouldn’t be anyone else I would want to be but with you!’ It’s a great scene with lots of debt to it and romance.