Celebrities are revered across the world by their fans and that one meeting between them is treasured for a lifetime either by way of autographs or selfie, which are redefining the idea of memorabilia.

Taking a trip down memory lane, celebrities share their memorable fan moments.

Here’s what they have to say:

Prashant Bajaj:

Fans motivate me to work better

I was shooting for ‘Tarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma’ and few families had visited us on sets and a lady came up to me and asked for a photograph.
The autograph culture might be replaced by selfie culture but still autographs are something unique. Like people are more into t20 cricket league but test match is still one of favourite forms of cricket. It is really an amazing feeling that fans remember you. Fans are the only motivation for me to work more and much better.

Mohit Daga:

Best fan moment when any fan mimics you

My best fan moment is when any fan mimics you. It is a very special feeling. It happened with me for the first time and I was touched.

Sidharrth Sipani:

Love of fans makes us work harder

While I was in Bangkok few women recognised me as Vicky from ‘Zindagi ki Mehak’, asked me for selfies and then later asked if I am “kudiye” actor my music video, very few recognise me from my music videos. It’s the love from our fans that’s what we work for.

Micckie Dudaaney:

Feels nice to be appreciated by fans

Best fan moment was when me, my brother and a few friends went to Shimla for a vacation and one person came and asked for a photograph and autograph, I gladly did and soon 60 to 70 people gathered asking for pictures. Such fan moments really motivates actors to do better, it’s like a token of appreciation. It feels nice when you are appreciated. The autograph culture has changed to selfie culture and it’s because the technology is changing.

Farnaz Shetty:

Suggestion from fans add value to my life

I had no idea about the fame we had received for our show “Veera”, I realized it only after visiting Delhi after a lady pulled my arms and started crying in the crowd where I was protected by the bouncers and she said ‘Gunjan’, the name of my character from the show. I was shocked to see something like that happen for myself. Appreciation motivates us. Fans have always been consistent in our journey from the very beginning. Few fans I know understand so deeply and their suggestion adds value to my life.

Sshrey Pareek:

Appreciation matters in the field of art

My most memorable fan experience was during one of my visits to a church during Christmas when someone recognized me and started shouting Ayan, a character from the show ‘Dil Ki Baatein Dil Hi Jaane’ and later everyone came to click pictures with me. That was an unreal experience. When I started my career I wanted people to come and ask for an autograph but then selfie culture came in and it is better as you get picture with your favourite star and you can keep it forever with you. Appreciation is all that matters in the field of art. It gives you high you feel you have made an impact through your work and it motivates you to do better.

Saurabh Kaushik:

Artists always crave for audiences appreciation

When I was doing ‘Jijaji Chhat Par Hai’ that time I visited my hometown and I noticed one guy was following me and asked me if I am part of the show ‘Jijaji Chhat Par Hai’ than he took selfie, which is the new culture. Artists always crave for audiences appreciation. Fans are the only motivation for actors we would want our work to be liked by them.

Prakhar Toshniwal:

Fans are the ultimate makers of our destiny

The most memorable fan experience was when I went back to my hometown after doing my first television gig. I was walking on the streets when a kid came towards me and said to his mother ‘I saw him on TV! I want a picture with him!’ It was so cute, I couldn’t stop smiling. I believe selfies are much more personalized than autographs. Selfies capture the mood, the moment and also makes your fans feel more close to you. They are the ultimate makers of our destiny in this industry. It is for them that you work so hard, and their single word of appreciation keeps the fire in you alive.

Shireen Mirza:

Love from fans pushes me to work harder

The first time when somebody recognized me was in a mall and asked to click a photo with them and also when a fan from the UK who has got a star on my name and sent me that certificate on my 100k completion on Instagram. What I do is for my fans and audience. Their love pushes me to work harder. Fan meeting their favourite celebrity is indeed a special and unforgettable moment.

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