From education to stricter laws, celebrities tell us about what they want changed in our country.

Jasmin Bhasin: I feel that the most important change that needs to come about in a country like ours is education. That is the basis of how everything functions in our country. We need to educate people and make sure that they put this education to good use by providing them with suitable employment opportunities.

Sharad Malhotra: I want there should be dog shelters in every area because pets give unconditional love yet they are not taken care of as we can see stray dogs all over.

Adaa Khan – Girls should be trained in martial arts in school as a mandate. Girls should be encouraged to play sports as well. I feel like the development of the girl child in a country like India is important. There is still a lot of discrimination that is done on the basis of gender.

Meera Deosthale: Well, there are a lot of things for sure… but one thing that comes to my mind immediately is safety for women and kids. I have friends from north India, who still don’t go out after 7 pm. I have been brought up in Gujarat and my parents haven’t had to worry if I was returning home by 9 pm or even later. This should be the case in the entire country.

Nishant Singh Malkhani: I think we need to firstly work on eradicating poverty from our country. That is the first and foremost thing that we need to do for the people of our country. The second thing is education. There are still places in our country which don’t support the education of girls. This needs to change.

Sucheeta Trivedi: I want one religion for all in this country. And that one religion needs to be humanity. I feel that we need to put our differences aside and come together for the sake of being with each other, for the sake of co-existing.

Zaan Khan: Honestly, many changes are needed but the first change which I want to see in our country is that it should become a place where different caste and religious people co-exist. We are one. I celebrate Diwali with my friends and they celebrate Eid with me. People get influenced very easily and it hurts to see them fight like this. I remember my parents and grandparents used to say India is a country where different religions co-exist with lots of love, acceptance, unity.

Vijayendra Kumeria: The first change that I want to see in the country is that the citizens need to become more law-abiding. And for this, I feel like we need stricter laws and more importantly, steps for their quick and effective implementation.

Vijay Pushkar: I feel that there should be more development in infrastructure, less corruption, more job opportunities and better national policies. At least, as citizens we need basic things like good roads, electricity and easy transportation facilities.

Mohit Daga: I feel that if there is anything that we need to change in our country, its reservation. India has reached a point that everyone needs to be treated with equality and the entire concept of reservation goes beyond that.

Malvi Malhotra: The changes which I really want to see in our country is a change in democracy. In a democracy people don’t listen to anyone, they just do what they want to do. I am in a favour of dictatorship and I feel that if dictatorship will come in India then people will be more disciplined and work according to the laws. The second thing is the population. I feel that it should be controlled. The third thing is corruption. I feel they should make some strict laws against the crimes which are happening. These are the points that which need to be changed and if we change then India will become a better place to live.

Aanushka Ramesh: I would like to see our infrastructure get a little better, more emphasis on keeping the country clean and not littering. I’d really like more people to be aware of and not litter. Also, basic education, sanitisation and better facilities provided to all.

Zayn Ibad Khan: So first of all, I want everyone in our country should get three meals a day. In our country, the poverty rate is the highest. And it is very tough to get 1-2 meals a day for a daily wage worker. Running water, electricity, shelter, education for everyone…these things are also a must. More than half of our population is below poverty line. I want that our government should think about that rather than making statues and fighting on mandir-masjid. Let’s give them jobs, give them food. I need our country to stop sharing those, ’10 logo ko bhejo to abhi khushkhabri milegi warna pachtaoge’ WhatsApp messages. And sue those culprits who are sitting there just to spread hatred among us by sharing such things.