Celebrity Tarot Card reader and healer Aditya Nair has dedicated his life to healing and helping people. He has done predictions for actors like Rupali Ganguli, Angad Hasija, and many other celebrities and also about Bigg Boss winner which has come true in the past.

Tarot card reading is like taking a peek into querent past, present or future. It opens up the possibilities and respective outcomes of a question. It is a trustworthy medium to help people in improving their quality of life by changing their mindset. As I always say, it’s not always about predicting someone’s future but being more aware of the consequences depending on the path or decision we would take. Nowadays it is easily accessible and I think everyone should consult a tarot reader once, even if it’s for getting an experience of how things work,” he says.

Aditya also shares about the modalities and form of healing techniques he prefers to use. “Along with tarot reading and teaching tarot, I am a healer too. I am a master of Reiki and Karuna Rei Ki and do pendulum dowsing depending on what the client’s requirements are. As we are well-versed with the term Reiki, where healers use their hands to make power symbols and transfer universal energy to the patients, helping them to heal emotionally and physically. As far as Karuna Reiki is concerned, it has a higher vibrational approach than Reiki where I can cleanse Karmic blockages and break negative patterns. Also, I can heal all kinds of health issues, behavioural issues, and addictions. One can reach me via my website www.seerstarot.com or DM me on my Instagram account Aditya_Tarottastic ,” he reveals.

A tarot card reader or a healer has to “reinvent and update oneself” from time to time and, Aditya feels it’s the key to growth. “Learning new modalities and techniques or even a new Tarot Deck helps you to tap into a completely new level of intuition. Also, meditation, spiritual baths, and keeping crystals around me help me shift my energy to a new higher level altogether, which again I can use to heal people,” he says. Sharing more about his crystal healing techniques and how wearing crystals can make a difference, he begins by explaining that crystals have their own frequencies and vibrations and they can immensely boost anything with low energy.

They can protect you from negativity and the evil eye. Any depleted or overactive energy issues can be sorted with crystals. It beautifully shifts your energy to positivity, making your aura stronger, which eventually helps to a better and balanced life,” he adds. In the next five to ten years, according to Aditya, spirituality will be the only way for people to lead a normal, stress-free life. “Getting a true mentor in the form of a tarot reader, healer, or lightworker in one’s life will be of utmost importance in future,” he signs off.