The festival of colours, Holi, is here. It doesn’t just signify the victory of good over evil, but also marks the onset of spring after winter. Some people wait the whole year to celebrate this festival, not just for the colours but also to gorge on some yummy delicacies. This is one festival which is celebrated amongst all ages with the same enthusiasm and energy.
However, last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, people all around the globe, couldn’t celebrate the festival with the same zeal and vigour. And this year, looking at the increase in the COVID-19 cases, the government has put restrictions on playing Holi. We spoke to a few celebrities about their Holi plans this year, and this is what they had to say:

Zaan Khan
I am allergic to colours so I don’t play Holi. Also, corona is still there so I feel we should be very careful. I would suggest everyone to be with your family, put some Gulal, avoid meeting a lot of people and gatherings.

Prashant Bajaj
Well, Holi is my favourite festival but unfortunately I am very much allergic to colours. So I prefer to stay home, have thandai, spend time with friends and relax.

Ajay Kumar Singh
This time I’ll celebrate dry Holi at home with my family. If we all stay alive then only we will be able to celebrate Holi the way we want to next year. I would like to appeal to everyone to stay at home, don’t step out unless necessary or to play Holi, stay safe from Corona. And don’t forget to wear a mask and sanitise. I had celebrated 2019 Holi with about 500 people. That’s how we celebrate the festival in Bihar. In Ranchi, I celebrated Holi with disabled children. My family stays there so I visit my native place often, especially during this festival. We celebrate it with a lot of excitement and joy, keechad (mud) Holi is one that I miss. And playing Holi with mud back home is my fondest memory.

Shireen mirza
Holi is a fun festival. I remember every year enjoying the Holi party in our housing society over loud music, food, drinks and dance. I miss celebrations in Jaipur. But like last year, this year too we won’t be able to do that. But the best part of spending Holi with family is that after a long time. I might also be meeting friends and eat a lot of gujiya and thandai. In fact my favourite Holi celebrations are the ones on the sets of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein. While we would film a special episode on the occasion, we used to enjoy doing it and would have fun after shooting would get over. My craziest memory would be on the set with Karan (Patel), Aly (Goni), Pankaj (Bhatia) etc. They would pick me up and throw me in a tub full of colours.

Sshrey Pareek
Last year me and my friends were at home and had a great time even though we couldn’t play with colours. We were happy that we could spend time together. Celebration can be done in any way. My kind of celebration is to be with my friends and family. This year also we will do the same only. Having a good time with friends and family is the best way to celebrate every occasion. My wildest Holi party was the one when we friends tried bhang for the first time. So I had one and didn’t feel anything initially and that’s when I had two- three more glasses and after an hour totally lost it. Everything around me seemed moving slowly, that was real crazy and the best part is I left early from the party and was searching for a rickshaw. In fact I could not get hold of a rickshaw for three hours, my friends told me that.

Nyra Banerjee
Honestly I don’t go to Holi parties. In fact we only do a puja at home. I had a bad experience during my childhood about people getting drunk and misbehaving. Since then I have never played Holi.

Jay Prakash Sharma
Last year because of Covid-19 celebrating Holi was not possible, this year too the situation is no different. I am anyway allergic to colours so don’t play Holi much but I enjoy the food and the essence of the festival. People having so much fun around makes me feel happy. Holi is all about love and friendship. Let’s make this Holi a special one by following all the protocols and not let the virus spread much. Stay home, stay safe.

Nivedita Basu
I don’t really mind having a clean Holi because I used to really want that there is no wastage of water as such but unfortunately on Holi you can’t do that as people go ballistic. My Holi memories from childhood are crazy too because I come from the north Delhi and Noida gets worst and ugly so actually I was quite happy that I was not celebrating Holi in Delhi. And by dirty I mean not just colours but things would go vulgar. For me now Holi is all about being at home, having good food with my daughter, probably making gujiyas. I think having just good food and being with family itself is a celebration.

Sharad Malhotra
I’ll probably wish my parents, extended family and friends virtually. This year it’s a big no to any kind of celebration in the middle of the pandemic. We cannot afford to touch anybody and must maintain physical distance. So stay at home and celebrate a safe Holi. Just try and bring a lot of colours in people’s lives through your words and actions. A couple of years back when I used to play with colours a lot more, attend those wild parties with family, friends and co-actors. Even shooting a Holi sequence on the sets was fun, because at the end of it the entire unit starts playing with colours and get dirty. And we would make sure no one goes home looking different and smeared with colours, top to bottom.

Nilam Kenia
I am going to spend time with my family this year. Though I have not been playing Holi for some years now but because my son enjoys it, I have to play with him. I don’t really have a very crazy memory but once I saw a few people putting other people in muddy puddles during Holi which I thought was insane.

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