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The episode starts with Aditya and Ginni stares at each other. Aditya greets her. Ginni also greets him back. Aditya tells Armaan lined up him meetings so he has to leave and goes to freshen up. Later Ginni sees Amber is shouting at Akash. Amber scolds Akash after seeing his exam results and questions him what happened to him why he is not concentrating on his studies. He made him admit in Amritsar’s best school also made sure he get best coaching through his coaching classes. Akash tells Amber that he isn’t interested in Science but in art.

Amber asks him to keep his hobby to himself because of which he dont want his academics to get ruined. He asks him to concentrate on his studies so that when he grows up it will help him when he takes care of family business. Akash tells Amber that he isn’t interested in what he is suggesting so what is the use. Amber gets angry at Akash and raises his hand saying how dare he could talk to him this way. Aditya comes there and stops Amber from slapping Akash. Amber taunts Aditya in the name of advising Akash. He asks Akash to concentrate on his studies or else he will also behave with the elders just like Aditya.

Aditya tells Amber that he is sure whatever the field Akash chooses he will do it with passion and earn a name. He was a helpless kid back then that’s the reason he left Amber do whatever he wish to do with him but he wont let Akash go through the sufferings which he have gone through and become another Aditya. Amber tells he don’t want another Aditya then leaves the place throwing Akash’s marksheet in the air. Aditya advises Akash to do better in his next exam and then asks him to go and get ready to school. Akash leaves the place.

Aditya sees Ginni saw everything so he decides to walk past her by ignoring her but the latter comes infront of him deliberately. Aditya scolds her and questions her for smiling at him for no reason. Ginni tells him he saw the way he stand up for his little brother and she do know he cares for him. Aditya denies it saying he did this because he dont want Amber to force everyone in the house to do what he wants though. He then asks Ginni to stay away from him and his family matters then leaves the place.

Ginni comes to the lawn. She sees Supreet asking Akash to get ready for school. Akash obliges he then greets Ginni on his way to get inside the house. Supreet blesses Ginni. She then expresses her happiness that Aditya took a stand for Akash. She then asks Ginni to stay away from all this and goes inside. Ginni says to herself that she knows one thing for sure that Aditya do care for his family but his wound is what keeping him away from showing and expressing his love and care to his family members. She then gets determined saying before she leaves the house she will make sure Aditya realise two things one is no one is going to charge him if he smiles often and the second thing is he do care for his family and he loves and cares for them most. She then wonders how to do it. She gets an idea seeing Akash’s cycle. She decides to puncture the tyres of the cycle.

Marleen who records a video of herself in that video Ginni’s act gets caught. Ginni goes and hides herself. Other side Goldie apologises to Simran for making her sleep outside their dhaba. Simran tells him she isn’t complaining though. Two people comes to the dhaba to have food made by Ginni. After they both learns Ginni isn’t there they both leaves the place. Simran tells Goldie that they can try one more time still the clients refuses to come here then they can sell the dhaba and buy an office with air conditioning. Gulraj comes there and reminds Simran this dhaba belongs to her and warns both Goldie and Simran. Simran hides herself behind Goldie.

Akash talks to himself that whatever happened with him today is strange. He didnt expect monster will take a stand for him against Amber. He is so confused which lead him to get ready for school a little late because of which he missed the school bus and Amber also left so he has to go to school in his bicycle. He gets shocked seeing the tyre is punctured. Aditya comes there with a air pump in his hand. He asks Akash why he didn’t used his screwdriver this time. Akash tells him screwdriver is to malfunction something.

Aditya shakes his head and helps him fill the air in his bicycle tyre. He then asks Akash to go to school then leaves the place. Akash opens his mouth to say thank you but stops himself from doing it. Ginni comes to Akash and encourages him to say thanks to his brother who helped him a lot today using his art talent. Akash agrees. Later Akash enters Aditya’s room and puts a paper on his file then goes and hides himself. Ginni watches this from outside the room. Aditya cuts the call with Armaan and sees the paper in which Akash made a sketch and written under that he likes his monster.

Aditya sees his behind his curtain and calls him. He asks him why he didn’t left for school. Akash tells him he still have time so he decides to complete an important work. Aditya looks at the sketch and tells Akash everything is nice but his hair should be more. Akash hugs him and thanks him. Aditya gets emotional. Akash questions him for being emotional but Aditya says to him he isn’t crying as he is strong men. He then asks Akash to not to tell anyone about their interactions. Akash tells him he is not a kid so he wont say anything. He then suggests Aditya to smile often so that he can become his cool brother then leaves the place. Ginni gets emotional.

Later Shailaja calls Ginni and asks her to prepare masala for their hotel as she is the one who told the handmade masala tastes are unique. Ginni obliges. While Ginni grinding masala using red chilli Shailaja opens the window. The masala goes inside Ginni’s eyes. Ginni struggles to open her eyes. Aditya comes there and helps her get rid off the masala from her eyes by blowing off. Shailaja watches this from outside the room.

Precap: Ginni tells Aditya to prepare the masala how she taught him to prepare it until she returns with a smile on her face. Aditya controls himself from smiling. Ginni enquires her neighbor about her father’s business partner. Amber hears Ginni’s conversation and gets shocked. Ginni turns around and gets confused seeing a worried Amber.

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Channa Mereya 9th September 2022 Written Update: Ginni learns about her dad’s business partner