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The episode starts with Dada Ji telling Amber to give all the responsibilities to Aditya. Dada Ji and Aditya hugs each other and the latter glares at Amber. Supreet congratulates Aditya. Aditya leaves the place angrily. Aditya’s aunt gets upset with her husband because eventhough he is an elder son its Amber and Aditya who gets everyone that related to family business and says this is the reason why she wants Gurleen’s alliance to get fixed with the cheema’s.

Aditya drinks alcohol. Dada Ji comes there and tells him to share whatever in his mind and heart that he can share with him. Aditya tells that he is perfectly alright. Dada Ji asks him to have a drink with him then. Aditya obliges. They both have a drink together. Dada Ji then takes Aditya with him to introduce him to the guests. Armaan comes there and congratulates Aditya for going to take over the business.

Aditya takes Armaan with him and tells that he has no idea that Dada Ji’s announcement is going to be this. He remained silent because he don’t want to hurt Dada Ji. He also tells that he dont want anything to do with the family business. He is here to fulfill his mother’s dream for that he need that dabba at any cost and tells he is going to meet the owner tomorrow. Armaan suggests to take Dada Ji’s help. Aditya refuses saying until his mother’s dream come true he will not share his plan and tells the dabba owner don’t have any other option but to sell the dabba to him and looks on with determination.

The next day Ginni’s mother scolds Ginni for never letting Goldie take the responsibilities also making him more useless by not letting his learn and rectify his own mistakes. Ginni works in the kitchen. Aditya and Armaan reaches the dabba. Aditya recalls his mother’s wish about having a hotel similar to this dabba. Ginni’s mother sees Aditya and finds he is the one who participated in the cooking competition and thinks that he must be here to buy food or something so she asks one of the worker to clean everything around them and welcomes Aditya and Armaan. They both enters the dabba and have their seat.

Ginni’s mother goes to Ginni and asks her to take all their dishes out as there is a rich man is in their dabba and they have to make him as their client then leaves the place. Ginni asks her mother what is she saying but her mother leaves the place to see Aditya and Armaan. Aditya tells Ginni’s mother that he wants to meet the owner of this dabba. Ginni’s mother calls out Ginni. Ginni brings the food items and puts it near Aditya and greets him but gets shocked seeing it’s none other than Aditya. Aditya also gets shocked learning Ginni is the dabba owner. He then rudely says to Ginni’s mother to not to call him son because his name is Aditya.

Ginni gets angry and tells Aditya that her mother is using an endearing word which is not wrong at all. Aditya puts the cheque. Ginni takes it in her hand and gets shocked seeing its ten lakh worth cheque so she tells Aditya their food is not that expensive though. Aditya tells her it’s not only for the food but also for her dabba and tells that he wish to buy this dabba and this cheque is advance only shocking Ginni and her mother. Ginni puts the cheque down and tells Aditya then the dabba’s price is not this cheap. Aditya asks her to tell the dabba price.

Ginni tells that her father used to tell the more important thing is business but which is more important that that is love and tells the dabba is her love so she will never sell this dabba and tells that she is not interested in this deal and tries to walk away but Aditya stops her and asks his deal but Ginni makes the fire lamp falls and the nearby table lights up with fire. Ginni’s mother urges her other two children to help her get water to stop the fire spreading further. Aditya gets angry and tells Ginni that he will give twenty five lakhs and asks her to sell the dabba to him. Goldie comes there and gets shocked hearing it.

Aditya tells Armaan to talk to someone who is more understanding. Armaan takes Ginni’s mother aside and asks her to take this offer and tells they can live a life happily if they accepts Aditya’s deal. Ginni recalls his father’s words also the promise she made to him. Armaan asks Ginni’s mother to use her brain. Ginni asks him to stop it and tells that it’s not brain but heart they have to use it when it comes to this dabba and tells at any cost she will not sell this dabba and glares at Aditya. In Singh’s house Aditya’s aunt warns the worker to not to make any mistakes because the guests are important ones. The worker tells Supreet already given instructions. Aditya’s aunt gets worried so she goes to Supreet and mocks at her for getting involved in this matter.

Supreet tells her that she is doing this for Amber. They all learns the chief cook left the job because or Aditua and his aunt gets worried. Amber comes there and says this is what happens then praises Supreet’s beauty then asks his brother to call the hotel people cook food. The other side Armaan tells Ginni’s mother they know about their financial situation so this deal can change their life forever. Ginni tells that they should have learnt more than their financial state and tells this dabba is her father’s love and dream which she will never give it to anyone at any cost. Aditya mocks ay her and gives her a blank cheque asking her to fill whatever the amount she wants to agree to his deal.

The other side cheema’s comes to meet Gurleen. They thinks Supreet is the mother of Gurleen but Gurleen’s mother clarifies it..the groom’s mother asks Supreet the reason behind her wearing gloves in one hand which shocks and makes everyone uncomfortable in the room. In dabba Ginni goes to the near by lamp and lights up the blank cheque given by Aditya and tells him to leave saying she is not interested in this deal of his. Aditya looks on angrily.

Precap: Ginni gets angry and upset with her mothet for remaining silent when Aditya and Armaan offered a deal. Her mother tells that their financial situation state along with their future made her remain silent. Ginni tells her to sell her and her mother shouts Ginni. In Singh’s house Amber tells Aditya he is surviving this world because of the family name attached to him. He is nothing without the name. Aditya tells that he is his mother’s son and he will earn a name of his own.

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