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The episode starts with Adi and Gini reconciling. Adi apologizes to Gini for not trusting her and Gini apologizes to Adi for slapping him. They decide to catch the culprit together and till that continue to pretend to fight. They share a hug while Channa Mereya song plays in the BG. 

The next morning, Adi and Ginni’s family are waiting for the doctor. Shailaja asks Adi why he called the doctor urgently, if Rajvant’s health deteriorated. She blames Gini and her family for his condition. Gulraj asks how she dared to blame them. Amber scolds them and asks them to go to the garden to sort out their differences. Just then, the doctor arrives. Ginni asks Adi what happened. Adi says to Ginni that he doesn’t need to tell her and asks her to keep her fake concern with her. Sukhpreet taunts Ginni. The doctor asks Adi why he called him urgently. Adi asks Gulraj and her family to leave. He takes the doctor to Rajvant’s room. Amber scolds Gulraj’s family and asks them to get out. Ginni stops Gulraj from answering him back. The doctor leaves. Amber asks Adhi if Rajvant is fine.

Adi says that Rajvant gained consciousness for a while and told him that someone had tried to kill him. The family is shocked to hear this. Amber asks who wants to kill Rajvant. Adi says that he also wanted to know this, but he fell unconscious before he could say the attacker’s name. Adi says that whoever the attacker is, he won’t spare him.

Amber wants to stay with Rajvant, so that if Rajvant gains consciousness again, he can tell him who the attacker is. Adi stops Amber and says that no one should go to Rajvant till he gains consciousness again. Amber asks Adi how he can stop him from meeting his dad. He asks if he doubts him. Adi says that everyone is under suspicion and repeats that no one should go to Rajvant till he gets well and adds that he is ready to bear their anger for that. 

Shailaja is complaining to her daughters about Adi prohibiting them from meeting Rajvant. Her daughter asks her to think instead about who wants to kill Rajvant, so that they can help Adi. On the other hand, Amber and Sukhpreet are in discussion. Amber wonders who could be the attacker. He is sure that Ginni is the attacker. Goldie is angry that they’re blamed and wishes for Rajvant’s death, which angers Ginni and warns him not to speak anything against Rajvant, which surprises Gulraj. 

In the light, someone who is wearing a mask enters Rajvant’s room and tries to kill him. Adi catches that person red-handed. That person pushes Adi and tries to escape. She opens the door and finds Ginni. Adi and Ginni catch that person and remove the mask. They are shocked to see Sukhpreet. The latter runs from there. Adi throws a thing at Sukhpreet. The latter falls on the floor. The family gathers. Amber asks Adi what is happening. Adi says that Sukhpreet tried to kill Rajvant, which shocks everyone.

Amber refuses to believe this and says that Adi must have misunderstood. Adi says that he caught Sukhpreet red-handed while trying to kill Rajvant. Ginni asks Sukhpreet to confess that she tried to kill Rajvant in the hospital by removing his oxygen mask. Adi says how he trapped Sukhpreet by lying that Rajvant gained consciousness so that the attacker comes to his room to try to kill him again. Shailaja asks Adi how he knows that someone wants to kill Rajvant. Adi says that Ginni had doubts that someone in the family wanted to kill Rajvant.

Amber asks Sukhpreet to speak. Sukhpreet admits that she tried to kill him by removing his oxygen mask, but he saw him and slipped into a coma. She knows that he will gain consciousness one day and expose her, so she tried to kill him again, but Ginni came between. Shailaja scolds Sukhpreet for trying to kill Rajvant, who always took her side against Amber. Ginni says that Rajvant never accepted Gurkeerat’s death as an accident. He always doubted someone from this family had killed her. Amber shouts, asking Ginni what rubbish she’s saying. Ginni says that Sonia told them this. She asks Sukhpreet if she had caused Gurkeerat’s accident. Sukhpreet says yes, shocking everyone. 

The episode ends. 

Precap: Adi says that he called the police. Sukhpreet takes a knife and threatens to kill Ginni. 

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