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The episode starts with Ginni giving the burnt cheque to Aditya and asking him to never met them again. Her mother scolds her for misbehaving with the guests. Aditya tells Ginni’s mother that when Ginni learns about the real meaning of family she will come running to him and asks her mother to have his card to contact him.

Ginni’s mother takes the card from him shocking Ginni. Ginni stops Aditya from leaving the house and asks him to pay money for what he ordered. Aditya gives the money and asks her to keep the change to herself.

Ginni asks him to wait and gives him a change saying in their dhaba they won’t charge for the services they provide. Aditya takes it and leaves the place with Armaan. Ginni asks Shampy and Dimpy to pack the food and gives it to Aditya. They both obliges. Goldie asks Ginni why she didnt listen to Aditya and his offer fully then with a calm mind she didnt taken the decision. Ginni’s mother also asks the same to Ginni which angers the latter. Ginni tells both Goldie and her mother they knows the value and meaning of this dhaba.

This dhaba is their everything so at any cost she won’t sell this dhaba. Other side Gurleen’s mother goes to see whether Gurleen get ready or not but gets shocked seeing Gurleen’s unconscious state. She worries that the alliance may broke if the cheema’s learn about her illness so she has to do something and wonders what to do. Gurleen’s father shouts at the hotel employee over the phone call for not bringing the food for on time.

Shampy and Dimpy put the food on Aditya’s jeep then goes inside. Armaan tells Aditya that he dont think it’s easy to convince Ginni. Aditya tells him that he is not interested in convincing her all he wants is dhaba so asks Armaan to persuade her mother who will agree to their deal before tomorrow which he is sure about. Armaan obliges.

Ginni angrily tells how dare Aditya can come to her and offer to get this dhaba even after she told him not to. She also asks her mother why she remained silent even after all this. Ginni’s mother tells that she have so many responsibilities and they are in huge debt so she dont know what to say as she is worried about everything and her future.

Ginni angrily says her mother if she is worried about her future then she can sell her not the dhaba. Her mother gets shocked and angrily shouts Ginni. She cries and tells Ginni how could say such things and says for her this dhaba and her kids are everything.

She also adds how she struggling to keep her all emotions to herself. Ginni calms down her mother also pleads her to express her feelings and tells her that God is with them who will definitely help them come out of this situation though. She then hugs her mother and recalls Aditya’s offer and Jagga’s threat. Aditya enters the house but collides with Harnas who is cheema family’s daughter.

He apologises to her and the latter admires him which annoys him so he ignores her and goes inside. Dada Ji introduces Aditya to everyone and the latter greets them and tries to walk way but Supreet asks him to join them. Aditya glares at her but doesn’t say anything. The marriage bureau tells Navneet that Aditya is handsome and he is returned from Canada any girl would like him so they can talk about their daughter’s alliance also.

Navneet tells even she can able to clearly see the effect of her daughter because of Aditya. Supreet asks him to have a seat but the latter remains stand. Amber discusses his business plan with Mr.Cheema. Aditya gets annoyed by Amber’s behavior and wonders why Gurleen is taking so much time.

Gurleen’s mother come downstairs and apologises to the Cheema’s and asks them to wait few more minutes because Gurleen is getting ready. Aditya decides to check up on Gurleen Gurleen but Harnas stops him and asks him to take her with him. Supreet and family members suggests him to show their house up Harnas. Aditya unwilling take her with him.

Ginni recalls everything that happened recently also the promise she made to her father while cutting the onions. Goldie comes there and asks for turmeric. He then shows his injury and tells Jagga’s men is behind all this also they threatens to kill him if they wont repay the money on time. He asks Ginni to think about Aditya’s offer but Ginni refuses so Goldie gets upset and leaves the place. Other side Dada Ji goes to check up on Gurleen. He scolds her mother and tries to wake up Gurleen. The cheema’s tells that they are getting late so they will come some other day to see Gurleen.

Amber’s brother gets surprised when the worker tells him that Aditya brought all the foods. So he goes to the cheema’s and asks them to have food. They agrees. Harnas tries to get closer to Aditya by saying she will show him the entire city as he returned to Amritsar after long. Aditya makes an excuse with his phone call to get rid off her.

Dada Ji and Gurleen’s mother gets relived when they see Gurleen gained her consciousness. Amber’s brother tells Dada Ji that Aditya brought all these foods. Dada Ji tastes and wonders why he feels like he already tasted this before. Gurleen’ comes down and apologises to everyone for being late. Harjit tells Navneet that he likes Gurleen. Navneet tells that she wish Harnas to get her life partner soon and they have to look for a groom.

Both Supreet and Amber tells them that Aditya is perfect match for Harnas shocking Aditya and other’s. Aditya glares at Supreet and tries to walk away from there but his uncle stops him so he makes a fist then glares at Supreet. Supreet gets nervous and looks away. Harnas and her family looks happy.

Precap: Amber tells Aditya that his mother is dead so there will be no memory of her will stay with them. Ginni cries to her father’s photo frame for the situation she is in now. Aditya gives his opponent some money and asks him to beat him badly. Ginni takes care of an injured Aditya.

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