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The episode starts with Ginni takes the bullet and fall unconscious. Aditya shouts Ginni and the Grewal’s and Amber looks on shocked. Gulraj shouts Ginni’s name and rushes towards her. Aditya pleads Ginni to open her eyes and asks for glass of water. Amber watches this from far. Dimpy brings a glass of water. Aditya asks Armaan to call the ambulance. Armaan obliges. Gulraj pleads with Aditya to save Ginni.

Aditya recalls Ginni’s words about family who will stay with him and be there to never allow him go through the sufferings. Gulraj shouts at Aditya to do something. Armaan gets frustrated that the call isn’t getting answered. He says Aditya to come with him and gets into the car. Aditya carries Ginni in his arms just then Gulraj falls unconscious. Shampy urges Aditya to take Ginni to the hospital saying they will take care of Gulraj. Aditya gets inside the car. He urges Armaan to start the car. Armaan gets frustrated that the car isn’t starting.

Aditya pleads with Ginni to talk to him saying she always says something to him. She taunts him but why she is silent now and asks her to say something. He then asks Armaan what’s the problem why he isn’t starting the car. Armaan says he is trying but its not starting. He then sees the motorbike. He goes out and starts the bike. Aditya gets into the bike with Ginni in his arms. Both Armaan and Aditya reaches the hospital with Ginni. Aditya rushes the nurses to treat Ginni right away. The nurse tells Aditya that he need to complete the formalities. Aditya pleads with her to treat Ginni first then he complete the formalities.

The nurses refuses saying its hospital rule which he has to follow it. As soon as he completes the formalities Ginni will get treatment. The nurse asks him his name and his relationship with Ginni. Aditya recalls his marriage with Armaan and all the days spent together and tells the nurse Ginni is his wife. Armaan gets surprised. He asks Aditya to not to worry and take Ginni to the treatment room he will done other formalities. Aditya takes Ginni to the treatment room with the staff’s in the hospital. They took Ginni inside the treatment room. Aditya looks on worried.

Amber comes to his house and recalls Ginni get shot but it was supposed to be Aditya who might be in her place now if Ginni didn’t come in between. He gets angry and says what he would have done or told Rajvant if its Aditya who get shot though? He then calls his men and lashes out at them for making such huge mistake. He then asks them to rectify their mistake by killing their actual target Mrs.Randhawa evening itself and threatens to kill his men if they failed in this another chance given to them. In the hospital Aditya sees from outside the room the staff’s are removing the blood from Ginni’s face. They then changes her into hospital gown. They then takes her to the operation theatre. Aditya follows them behind and waits outside.

Armaan comes there. Aditya complaints to Armaan about how he isn’t understanding Ginni and what is the need for her to to get the bullet on behalf of him. Armaan tells Aditya to stop thinking with Ginni’s this decision to save his life with the thoughts of how he thinks about her already and with the clear mind if he thinks about Ginni’s reason behind taking such huge step then he will understand it. The doctor comes out and says Ginni’s critical condition and they called their senior best doctor. Aditya asks the doctor to anything but he wants them to save Ginni. Armaan also leaves the place to make a call.

Aditya sits in a chair and recalls his marriage with Ginni. He also recalls Ginni’s views about family. For her family can go to any extend to save their family members also they always put their family members first. He then recalls Ginni get shot. He then thinks about the other day Ginni asks him to pray God with the clear mind then he will get his answer when he was in dilemma also warned him about Sam and try her level best to save him from Sam’s trap. He gets sad and upset.

Gulraj gains her consciousness and learns that Ginni is taken to the hospital so she rushes there. Shampy and Dimpy follows her. Aditya stands near the operation theatre and recalls the moments he shared with Ginni. The doctor’s operates Ginni. They take the bullet out of her. Gulraj reaches the hospital with Shampy and Dimpy. She asks Aditya about Ginni’s health condition. Aditya tells her the doctor’s are treating Ginni. The senior doctor comes out and Aditya enquires him about Ginni’s state.

The doctor tells that he wont give any false hope because Ginni isn’t responding to any of their treatment so if this continues then they dont think she will come out of the danger and they can save her. Aditya gets angry and argues with the doctor to do anything but he wants them to save her. He also suggests to call best doctors. The doctor tells him miracle do happens so they shouldn’t lose their faith and leaves the place. Gulraj Shampy and Dimpy cries.

Aditya gets shattered but asks Armaan to call the best doctor to treat Ginni. Armaan obliges and goes aside to call the doctor. Supreet learns about Ginni’s condition. She tells the same to Amber and asks him not to worry saying definitely the police will catch the one who behind all this. Amber gets shocked and worried. In the hospital Gulraj pleads with Aditya to save her daughter Ginni. She asks him to give assurance that nothing will happen to Ginni. Aditya assures her and asks Shampy and Dimpy to calm her down. Aditya gets worried recalling Gulraj’s plea to him and looks on helplessly.

Precap: The doctor treats Ginni and check through the monitor about Ginni’s pulse. Aditya goes to the Gurudwara. He pleads with God to save Ginni and says until Ginni dont wake up he will pray to him by standing in one leg. Later Ginni opens her eyes meawhile Aditya falls unconscious.

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