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The episode starts with Ginni tells this paper will prove what she is saying about her true. This is her half truth but it will definitely help her to expose her. She then asks her to leave still she have time but Sam remains silent so Ginni says then okay she will tell Aditya the truth. Ginni also says to Sam her plan is make fool of Aditya and the Singh’s until she delivers the baby and once she delivers it she is planning to trap them with one of her plans right but not anymore. She then walks towards Aditya’s room. Sam looks on. Aditya gets ready in his room. Ginni goes to open the door but Sam comes behind her and closes her mouth.

Ginni struggles to get rid off Sam’s hold. Aditya hears some sound outside so he opens the door. He fails to find anyone because Sam holds Ginni by the wall side. Aditya leaves the room locking it behind. Sam takes Ginni to the room. She pushes her down and says that she cant let her expose her to everyone. She also says this is what Ginni done to her on her wedding day so she just repeating what she did. She then tells she wants what she wants at any cost. She then leaves the room. She decides to lock the room.

Akash comes there and calls Sam as Cheater didi. He asks her does she not know that Aditya will never come to this room at all then why she is here though. Sam asks Akash what is he doing here though and asks him to go and be with everyone in the party. Akash leaves the place. Sam also leaves the place. Ginni is unconscious in a room where Rajvant kept his and Kushwant’s photo frame also Kushwant’s recipe book.

Rajvant recalls Ginni pleading with Rajvant to stop Aditya and Sam’s marriage to save her brother’s life also recalls Gulraj’s plea to not to give injustice to her daughter’s life and gets stressed. In downstairs the party starts. Gurleen and Marleen greets one another. Supreet tells one of the guest everything happened all of sudden that’s why they can’t able to invite anyone. She then excuses herself and goes to Amber. Amber gets furious seeing the media people who are having drink and enjoying the party. He tells Supreet all these media people want is to gain some popularity and money using what’s happening in Aditya’s life.

He then says that Mr.Cheema is ready to give his daughter Harnas as their daughter in law and Aditya’s wife which Aditya ruined and now they are suffering because of his decision. Supreet calms him down. Aditya goes to Rajvant’s room where he sees Rajvant and asks him why he looks stressed. Rajvant says nothing. Aditya reminds Rajvant he made all the arrangements for this Gala dinner yet he isn’t ready yet. Rajvant tells Aditya that he feels that because of his wrong doings this is all happening.

Aditya assures Rajvant it’s nothing like that. He then tells Rajvant he chose his outfit for the dinner so now he is returning the favor and gives the outfit he chose for him. Rajvant takes it and goes inside to change it. He then comes out. Aditya praises him for being most handsome grandfather. Then Aditya helps Rajvant to get ready further. He shares one of his favorite childhood memories of them together. Rajvant tells Aditya that he is not upset with him at all. Aditya says to Rajvant that he don’t have anyone else except him. Rajvant tells Aditya even he have him only. They both hugs each other.

Later Aditya comes downstairs. Sam suggests that they can walk together. Aditya agrees. The reporters sees Aditya and decides to go to him saying themselves covering this spicy news is going to gain them TRP for sure. Aditya removes Sam’s hold from his arm. Sam gets shocked and upset. Aditya asks the media to enjoy the party and he will definitely make the announcement which they are eagerly waiting for then leaves the place. Shailaja goes to Sam and asks her to be happy seeing that Aditya will introduce her as his wife in few minutes.

Supreet wonders where Ginni is. She tells Amber that she will go and search for her and leaves the place. Sam thinks to herself that she has to so something to make Aditya introduce her as his wife before Ginni gains her consciousness. Supreet gets surprised seeing Ginni isn’t in her room. She wonders where she must be. Kushwant’s voice asks to an unconscious Ginni to wake up she is yet to prove her innocence. One of the vase falls down and Ginni gains her consciousness.

Ginni recalls her confrontation with Sam with the fake divorce papers and how she fell unconscious. She looks at her watch. She thinks that she has to reach the party hall before it’s too late. She has to save her family’s reputation and respect at any cost. She will be named as a betrayer and liar if she fails to expose Sam’s truth before Aditya’s announcement. She goes and calls out for help by hitting both the door and window. Supreet calls out for Ginni and wonders where she went.

Ginni continuously tries to get attention of someone from outside but fails so she searches for something that will help her open the door. She opens the box in which Rajvant and Kushwant’s photo is but fails to notice it and keeps it inside. Sam thinks to go and check up on Ginni..Ginni opens the window but gets shocked seeing the height. She pleads with God to help her. Sam sees Goldie is trying to enter the party. She instigates Shailaja and the latter tells Preetam what happened in Gurleen’s marriage so Preetam goes and stops Goldie from entering the house. Sam gets relieved.

Precap: The reporter asks the one video in which Aditya and another girl in their wedding suit is his wife? Ginni reaches the doorway. Sam gets shocked seeing Ginni. Aditya smirks at both Ginni and Sam.

The episode starts with Ginni advices Gulraj to not to ask forgiveness or beg anyone because she has so much faith in her intentions. She then takes Gulraj with her. Supreet tells the family members that they are supposed to invite the Grewal’s but Aditya is so stubborn so they are in helpless state. Ginni brings Gulraj to the room. She tells her that she cant tolerate her mother bowing down infront of anyone other than God. She also tells her that she didn’t made any mistake so they don’t have to apologise to anyone just because they are poor. Gulraj asks Ginni why she didn’t tell her anything what she is going through here in this house. Ginni lies that she didnt hide anything from her though.

Gulraj reminds her how she used to tell her all the things that’s happening in her life also when she feels threatened and trouble she comes and hide behind her. She also says to Ginni that she is the one who told them family is important and they have to share everything with one another then why she did hide what she is going through here. She also asks Ginni how a mother will not be worried about her daughter whose marriage has taken place in such an odd circumstances.

She then worries that Aditya may accept Sam over Ginni. Her health worsens thinking about it. Ginni gets worried and give her water and asks her to relax. Rajvant in his room thinks about Gulraj’s plea also how Ginni literally begged him to stop Aditya and Sam’s marriage. He opens a box and looks at his photo with Kushwant which he holds tightly against his chest.

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