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The episode starts with Ginni goes to the kitchen and forcibly feed herself a sweet the cries. Akash comes there and give her a bottle of water. Ginni thanks him. Akash and Ginni shares a hug. He then tells Ginni that he has seen everything through the window how everyone is scolding her eventhough she is a good person but asks her to become his friends. Ginni recalls Goldie then forwards her hand to be his friend. Aditya goes to Sam’s room and covers her with a quilt while thinking about her pregnancy confession. He then goes and sits on an arm chair and thinks about Ginni’s words then falls asleep.

Ginni comes there and recalls everything then feels guilty for her decision. She then covers Aditya with a quilt and looks at his injured knuckle. She then goes to a sleeping Simran and apologises to her saying eventhough she is a woman she turned her life more difficult. She also tells that she made a huge mistake if it’s not about Goldie’s life then she would have never taken such decision. She also asks her to recover soon she will find a way to solve the mistake she made. She then leaves the room. Simran wakes up and tells that means Ginni knows her about her pregnancy so now her own guilt along with Aditya’s hatred will get her Aditya.

Rajvant recalls his words with Ginni and goes to a locked room. Supreet comes there and sees why Rajvant is going to the locked room which is locked for years also he refused anyone to go to that room but today after everything happened also at this night why Rajvant is entering the room now.

Rajvant comes out of the room. Supreet goes to him and asks him what is he doing at this time also where he went. Rajvant lies to her that he isn’t feeling sleepy so he went to the garden now he is going back to his room also asks her to go to sleep too then leaves the place. Supreet wonders why Rajvant lying to her and what is he hiding from everyone. Shailaja sees and wonders what Supreet and Rajvant is discussing that too at this late night and decides to find out about it. The next day Ginni wakes up and asks Shampy and Dimpy to get ready for the school. She then realises that she is in Aditya’s house and gets sad.

Other side Gulraj arranges the dhaba all the while talking to herself that the people are right. If the daughter of the house get married and goes to the in law’s house then they will lost the warmth of the house which she understands it. A lady comes there calling Ginni’s name. Gulraj realises she is their neighbor come friend who shifted to Canada. They both asks about their well being then the lady asks where is Ginni.

Gulraj gets upset. In Singh mansion Gurleen meets Ginni and gives her a dress. She tells that she came here to meet her without Shailaja’s knowledge. She then tells that if anyone in this house knows or not but she knows her well that she will never lie or betray anyone. On her wedding day she adviced her to be honest and she wishes she had the same strength as her’s. Gurleen then tells Ginni that she is going to her in law’s house and then hears Shailaja is calling her so asks Ginni to take care of herself and hugs then leaves the room.

Gulraj tells her neighbor Ginni is living in a hell. The latter gets shocked and asks what is she saying. Gulraj tells her everything that happened. The neighbor friend of her gets shocked. She then asks Gulraj how they are going to run this dhaba business because everyone knows its Ginni who can only take care of her father’s business just like him. Gulraj tells even she knows that but she can’t let her other children suffer then wishes that she gets to know about Kushwant’s secret recipe book. The neighbor friend asks her don’t she know that Kushwant planning to built a hotel with one of the well known person of Amritsar.

He told them that his ideas and his partners money will help him start over the hotel business. Gulraj gets shocked and wonders then why Kushwant didn’t told her anything. Her friend tells her that he wanted to tell her on their wedding day but before that Kushwant passed away unfortunately also she and her family members shifted to Canada and she returned now only. Gulraj tells that she can’t believe that Kushwant wanted to open a hotel.

Other side Ginni comes out of the washroom and gets ready. Aditya enters the room. He ignores Ginni and takes his clothes to leave but Ginni stops him. Aditya gets annoyed and tells her that he don’t want to share a room or this space with her because he knows that he can’t tolerate her because she is annoying and asks her to stop acting like his wife then leaves the room angrily. Other side Gulraj’s friend tells her the reason behind her visiting her today is important. She asks her to recall it what day it is.

Gulraj realizes that this is the day Kushwant finished writing his recipe book. Her friend tells her and this is the day they moved to Canada but before that they met Kushwant who happily told them today is the final meeting with his partner to start his business. Gulraj looks on. Other side Ginni recalls her father’s dream about her marriage. She then seeks God to help her to make everything normal because of her this mistake many people are suffering also she is here going through all this only because she made a promise and looks on.

Precap: Ginni and Akash is in the kitchen. Ginni makes prasad. Aditya asks her to leave. Ginni pleads him not to punish her like this. Aditya reminds her she has no say in his life also she is not a part of the family. Simran in her room tell someone on the call that she is going to tell the Singh’s about her pregnancy but she has to be more careful this time as she dont want anyone to know Aditya isn’t a father of her unborn child. She then gets shocked seeing Ginni through the mirror. She turns around and Ginni goes to her with determination.

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