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The episode starts with Aditya touch the vermilion box and looks at Ginni recalling his marriage with her and whatever happened between. Ginni looks shocked. They both stares at each other. Ginni looks down. Aditya also looks away. He then takes vermilion in his hand and brings it near to Ginni then hesitates first but fills her hairline eventually. Aditya and Ginni stares at each other. Ginni then looks awa and gets emotional. Aditya sees the vermilion on her hairline then Ginni in a loving way.

The next day Aditya comes out of the hospital room then recalls Ginni’s struggle for her life. He thinks to himself that when Gurkeerat died he forget to get scared but for the last two days he worried for losing Ginni after her demise. He then recalls his moments with Ginni then Armaan’s advices. Aditya looks at Ginni from outside the room and thinks to himself that he wants to realise the relationship he have with her. Later Aditya brings Ginni home. Akash welcomes Ginni and tells her that he missed her a lot and prayed God everyday for her recovery. He also apologises to Ginni for acting like a monster. He then calls her a real Angel for saving Aditya.

They both hugs each other. Ginni thanks Akash. Aditya tells Akash that Ginni needs to take rest. Akash advices Aditya to not to trouble Ginni. Aditya and Ginni hides their smile. Aditya obliges Akash’s words. Supreet goes to Ginni and tells her that they all are happy she recovered and they can’t thank God enough for this. She further adds Ginni to never think that she is alone as she is part of the family and the family will be there for her always. Ginni thanks her.

Shailaja makes faces. Amber and Shailaja welcomes Ginni. Aditya takes Ginni with her. Ginni thinks no matter what Aditya says he looks good with his family. She then stumbles. Aditya gets worried and asks her what happened. Ginni tells she is okay because of weakness she felt dizzy. They both stares at each other. Shailaja coughs. They both looks away.

Aditya takes Ginni in his arms which surprises Ginni and everyone. Ginni asks him what is he doing and everyone os seeing them. She also tells that she is perfectly fine to walk but Aditya carries her to the room. Supreet gets happy watching them. Aditya puts Ginni in her bed. They both stares at each other. Ginni tells Aditya that doctor told her that she can walk so he don’t have to do all this though. Aditya tells her even doctor asked her to take rest right?

If she dont oblige then he have his own way to make her oblige to follow the doctor’s orders then asks her to take rest. He then helps her remove the things that was in her hair when she get warm welcome the things fell on her hair. Ginni also does the same for Aditya. Aditya then asks Ginni to take rest meawhile he will go and bring her a soup and leaves the place. Aditya goes to the cook and informs him what all are the things he needs to avoid using while making food for Ginni.

He further asks him to instruct the same to all the workers and tells he dont want anyone of them to mess this up. The cook obliges. Aditya then asks the cook to make a soup for Ginni. The cook nods then leaves the place. Aditya sees Shailaja is there. He calls her and tells her that Ginni is adviced to take rest a lot because she isn’t recovered yet so indirectly asks Shailaja to not to trouble her. Shailaja nods okay. Aditya leaves the place. Shailaja mocks at Aditya’s care for Ginni.

Aditya goes to Ginni and asks her is she saw the shooter’s face. Ginni says no. Aditya encourages her to recall. Amber comes there. Seeing him Ginni tells Aditya that she saw Amber hiding behind the vehicle when the incident took place so she is sure he is behind all this. Amber gets shocked. Aditya charges towards him and tells him he is looking outside for his enemy unaware the enemy is inside the house only.

He then asks is he planned to kill him before Rajvant comes so that he can be the sole member of their family business and holds his shirt. Amber tells Aditya he misunderstands and shouts no. Amber realises it’s just a nightmare. He decides to do something so that his name will not come out. He also decides to kill Mrs.Randhawa at any cost so that he wont get caught for stealing Kushwant’s diary. He then tell his men to not to come near the house he will meet him somewhere else on the call.

Shailaja fumes in anger for the way Aditya talks to her. She decides to teach a lesson to Ginni. She deliberately makes the thing outside the kitchen fall and when the cook comes outside see what happens she goes inside the kitchen to mix something which is instructed by the doctor to not to give to Ginni. Ginni refuses to have medicine because it’s too bitter. Aditya complains Ginni’s behavior to Akash and the latter supports Ginni which leads Aditya to threaten him and Akash runs out of the room. Aditya then puts the spoom of medicine inside Ginni’s mouth. Ginni gets shocked. She tells it’s too bitter.

Aditya gives her a water. Ginni tells she will get back to him for what he did now. Aditya then asks her to have soup. Ginni tells she will have it later. Aditya mocks at her then starts feeding her the soup. They both stares at each other. Ginni then stars coughing all of sudden by putting her hand on her chest and tries to stand up when she cant she sits on the floor nearby the bed. Aditya gets worried and asks her what happened. Ginni coughs continuously.

Precap: Ginni struggles with her dress. Aditya comes there and scolds her. He then helps her with her dress. Ginni looks helpless and looks down.

The episode starts with Armaan tells Aditya that he must be doing all this because of his guilt but they do all this things for the one who that matters to them. Why this sudden fondness towards Ginni? Aditya remains silent. Armaan further says to Aditya that he never came to Gurudwara but today for Ginni he not only here but done such hard atonement for her but he is saying he has no relationship with her then why he do all this for Ginni?

He may asks him to shut up or let it be but he wants the answer. He then tells Aditya that Rajvant pleaded with Aditya to visit temple but he never ever done it. He also says that two woman came into his life recently. One is Sam who took advantage of his weakness and tried to use it against him. He also tells Ginni is there for him and saved him in many occasion. He also knows that no one made him to to temple after his mother’s demise but today he changed and went to temple for Ginni which is surprising. He constantly questions Aditya the reason behind him doing this for Ginni.

Aditya tells Armaan that when Ginni wakes up first thing he is going to ask her why she did this though and he doesnt know why he is doing all this but the moment he heard doctor saying that Ginni is in critical condition he decides to come to the temple because when he was a kid he has seen his mother having so much faith in God after that its Ginni who he has seen having such faith so he came here and did all this for her.

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