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The episode starts with Ginni putting her father’s photo in a living room. Gulraj expresses her happiness for fighting for Kushwant’s right also taking a step towards the justice. Shailaja arrives there and asks Ginni to remove Kushwant’s photo. Ginni tells that she won’t remove the photo of Kushwant and reminds them about her rights in their property.

Amber gets furious. He shouts at her. Supreet calms down Amber and tells Ginni that they are willing to provide her money which she wants and her family so asks her to leave it. Ginni tells Supreet that she won’t take the money and stay here only. Just then Amber receives a call and gets furious hearing whatever the other person is telling him on the other line and throws his mobile away.

Supreet asks him what happened. Amber tells hereafter they need Ginni’s signature to get the work done. Ginni tells her family members to go and put their things on the room which they likes. She also tells them that she is going to the office because her signature is needed there and goes to Amber and asks him to drop her in the office for one day after that she will go on her own because she doesn’t know where the office is. Amber glares at her. Later Dimpy is in Marleen’s room and dances also jumps on her couch.

Marleen enters the room and chases Dimpy. She asks her to leave the room but Dimpy refuses and tells her that she has the rights to stay in this room and jumps on Marleen’s room. Marleen makes her get down from the bed then lay on her own also refuses to share a room with Dimpy. Aditya arrives there and both Marleen and Dimpy complains to him about each other. Aditya advices Dimpy to try to get along with Marleen if she fails then he will clean another room for her in which she can stay.

Dimpy obliges. Aditya then advices Marleen to try to accept their current situation and get adjust to it. Marleen apologises and assures him to try. Aditya comes out of the room and sees Ginni there. Ginni thinks that she wishes the battle they are in also like kids fight which can be easily solved. Aditya thinks himself that he will never forgive Ginni for what she did to him and his family. They both walks past. Ginni’s hair caresses Aditya’s face. Ginni also looks at Aditya’s retreating back. They both recalls the moments they shared together and gets emotional.

Amber comes to Aditya’s room and asks him to help him hire a best lawyer who can find a loophole to help them throw the Grewal’s out of the house as he cant tolerate them under one roof. He further adds that they are willing to give them everything they wants but the way they are claiming their rights are not right. Aditya tells Amber that they should respect Rajvant’s decision and let the Grewal’s stay here as per their wish. Once Rajvant gains consciousness let him take decision. He also tells that he will try to find a lawyer to make the situation under control.

Ginni goes to Rajvant’s room. She takes his hand in her’s. She tells him that she knows the reason behind him naming half of the property on their name is because he is guilty for betraying her father but she dont want money or property all she wants is justice for her father though. She further says she fails to save her father because she was a kid that time but she won’t lose Rajvant. She then shares her suspicion with Rajvant that someone tries to kill him.

Someone wearing black gloves comes there and watches Ginni’s interaction with Rajvant without Ginni’s knowledge. Ginni tells Rajvant that her motive to enter the Singh mansion is to make sure he is safe also find who wants to kill him. She then senses someone is watching so sees outside but finds no one. She comes out of the room and wonders why did she sensed someone is watching her while talking to Rajvant.

Ginni decides to leave the place but gets shocked finding Supreet there. Supreet asks her the reason behind her getting scared seeing her also tells her that Aditya will be furious if he learns that she went to Rajvant’s room. Ginni tells Supreet no one can stop her from meeting Rajvant and no one’s anger can affect her and Rajvant’s relationship. Supreet asks Ginni why she is doing all this. She also tells her that she is part of the Singh family only. She has done so much for the family by saving Aditya’s life also reconciling her relationship with Aditya then why she is acting like this and pleads with her to not to do all this.

Aditya comes there and asks Supreet to not to plead with Ginni then send her to her room. Amber comes there and tells Ginni in Rajvant’s statement he never told the Grewal’s can stay in Singh’s mansion so asks to leave the house. Ginni tells him even Rajvant didn’t mentioned they shouldn’t stay in Singh’s mansion which irks Amber. Aditya asks Amber to not to discuss about this until Rajvant’s recovery and says their priority should be Rajvant. Ginni also agrees with him.

Later Ginni finds both Gulraj and Shailaja is arguing over what to make for the dinner. She advices them not to argue like a kid then sends them out of the kitchen. She then goes to her and Aditya’s room to take her dresses from there thinking Aditya isn’t there. She realises that she didnt bring suitcase with her so decides to take Aditya’s suitcase. Aditya comes out and sees this but decides to ignore her. Ginni loses her balance so falls on Aditya and they both falls on the bed.

Precap: Ginni draws a line inside the Singh’s house and tells them herafter both family should use the side which they belongs to only. Aditya tells her someday the line she draw inside the house might fade but because of her this decision that impact their relationship endured won’t be normal.

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