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The episode starts with Ginni takes the suitcase but falls on Aditya. They both stares into each other’s eyes. Aditya calls her name and asks her to leave. He then asks there are so many rooms then why she is here. Ginni tells her this was her room to once. She further says that she is here to take her dresses.

Aditya tells her that nowadays he can’t able to believe her words because she is saying something and her actions speak something else. Ginni tells him that now he become a Chichad Singh so she don’t want to talk to him or argue him at all. Aditya taunts her. Ginni asks him to shut his mouth or else even she could talk about him hiding the truth of her father’s diary. Aditya tells her that he told her already many times and says that she is not ready to solve this issue like a matured adult and dragged Rajvant inbetween it. He also tells that because of her he is suffering a lot. Ginni also shouts at him even she is going through a lot which he won’t never understand.

Even she had so many dreams but not even once thought this is what happens. Goldie calls Simran and expresses his joy of entering the Singh’s house. Simran also expresses her happiness and imagines she and Goldie is living luxurious life. She also calls him a owner of a Singh’s property. She then asks Goldie to give her permission to come to Singh’s house. Goldie gets worried so asks Simran to wait for few more days because if she comes now then his family will throw him out of the house too which they can’t let happen. Simran gets annoyed but obliges.

Ginni packs her dresses and goes to open the door but the lock gets stuck so she struggles to open it. When she becomes violent Aditya notices it and asks her what happened and learns the lock is stuck so he goes to help her. They both taunt each other. Armaan comes to the Singh’s house.

He gets shocked seeing both the side of the house both Singh’s and Grewal’s name board and when he entered the house he saw Kushwant’s photo was kept in a wall so wonders what’s happening. He then sees Gurleen so stops her and asks what’s happening in the house as he seen the local news channel’s news also about this so he rushes here. Gurleen tells him everything that happened after Ginni learned the diary’s truth. Armaan gets worried that both Aditya and Ginni’s relationship is at stake because of this and gets determined to sort out their differences once Rajvant recovers also prays for his speedy recovery. Ginni calls Gulraj for help saying the door is locked inside.

Aditya who is trying to open the door gets angry and tells her that she is indeed a Ultikopdi because she herself knows the door is locked inside then how come someone from outside can open the room. Ginni gets annoyed. She then decides to open the door using a toolkit which is in Aditya’s room. Aditya goes and uses the toolkit. Ginni sees her and Aditya’s photo in the wall and gets emotional recalling her moments with Aditya. Aditya opens the door and sees Ginni is watching their photo and calls her out to get her attention and tells her that the door is open now.

Aditya and Ginni opens the door just then both Singh’s and Grewal’s comes there and gets shocked seeing them together. Shailaja scolds Ginni for targeting Aditya while they aren’t around and shouts at her. Aditya taunts Ginni by saying there are so many rooms in the house yet she is here to bother him. Ginni tells she is here to take back her dresses only also goes to living room and draw a line in a centre and says both family has to use their side of the house hereafter.

Aditya goes to Ginni and tells her that he made a mistake understanding her which he regrets it now. He also tells one day the line which she draw will eventually fade but their relationship will never be repairable.

Amber gets happy. Ginni explains that she don’t want both the family to get into an argument or fight that’s why she is doing all this. She then tells there are twelve rooms and both the family’s will have six rooms each also kitchen, dining and living room both families should use their side. Aditya tells Ginni her talks make him laugh at her also laugh at him for falling in love with her. Shailaja tells that she is glad she isn’t splitting Rajvant’s room but Aditya tells Rajvant isn’t a property. Ginni tells even both the family should use their side in Rajvant’s room which angers Aditya. He calls her greedy and becoming blind for property.

Ginni thinks her intention is to protect Rajvant so she has to do this as she have no other option. Supreet gets furious and tells Ginni that she is crossing all her limits. Ginni remains silent. Aditya mocks at Ginni and asks her to go to sleep because he isn’t going to sleep so he will draw a red line to split the house. Both the Singh’s and Grewal’s leaves the place. Armaan advices Aditya to sort out his differences with Ginni but Aditya refuses to do it. Later Ginni comes to Aditya’s room to take her luggage. They both stares at each other. Ginni and Aditya gets sad recalling their moments.

Precap: Ginni takes Aditya’s shirt with her and goes to sleep in the lawn. Aditya comes there and asks her what is she doing here. Ginni tells him the only place she can get peaceful sleep is under his partition so she is here to sleep. Aditya looks on.

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