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Starbharat’s show Channa Mereya is gearing up with an interesting drama with Aditya’s decision create a rift between the Singh’s and Cheema’s. Later Ginni calls Aditya but the latter’s behavior confuses Ginni so she determines to meet Simran once again to confirm who she is.

Now it will be interesting to see what will happen next? Will Ginni be able to meet Simran again? Will Ginni get succeed in her plan to find real identity of the girl in Aditya’s house? Will Simran learn Ginni’s plan to get to know about her real identity?

In the current track it shown that Aditya tells he is planning to marry Sam and goes to take Rajavant’s blessings. The latter blesses him hesitantly. Harnas gets hurt and leaves the place which leads Harnas parents to lashes out at Aditya and his family then leaves the house.

Amber gets furious and tells Aditya to leave the house also he is disowning him for what he did but Aditya reminds him that he never bothered about the things which he told he is snatching from him.

Rajvant shares his confusion about Aditya’s decision with Aditya. Aditya tells him he can’t able to tell him the truth and decides to go back to Vancouver but Rajvant asks him not to so he decides to stay here. Amber yells at Supreet in his drunken state and the latter cries.

Aditya tells Armaan that he dont want to regret in future also dont want to become like Amber that’s the reason he is planning to marry Sam. Ginni calls Aditya and ask him to let her talk to Simran but the latter tells he doesn’t know who Simran is. Ginni gets confused but gets determined to meet Simran’s look alike once to find out the truth at any cost.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Gurleen and Marleen will perform the Rakhi ritual for Aditya. Other side Ginni will tie rakhi on Goldie’s hand. Goldie will ask Ginni to give his Simran as a rakhi gift.

In Singh’s mansion Gurleen will praise Aditya for fulfilling his brother responsibility in her marriage. She will make a promise to be with him. Aditya and Gurleen Marleen will share a hug. Ginni will make promise to Goldie to fulfill his desire to get back to Simran.

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