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This week Channa Mereya episode started with Aditya and the Grewal’s got shocked when Ginni got shot. Grewal’s rushed to Ginni while Aditya held her in his arms and urged Armaan to call the ambulance. Armaan decided to took Ginni to the hospital in a car when he realised he was unable to connect with anyone from the hospital but the car malfunctioned so he took Aditya and Ginni in a bike. Gulraj fell unconscious seeing Ginni’s state.

Aditya Ginni and Armaan reached the hospital. The nurse asked to finish the formalities to get the treatments to start. Aditya told them Ginni was his wife. They took Ginni with them. Aditya recalled every conversation he had with Ginni also the moments he shared with her. Aditya questioned Armaan the reason behind Ginni’s intention to save him.

Armaan advised Aditya to remove the illusion he had for Ginni and think with clear mind then only he could able to realise and understand Ginni’s intentions behind taking such step. Amber threatened his men and asked them to kill Mrs.Randhawa at any cost.

Gulraj Shampy and Dimpy rushed to the hospital. The doctor informed them about Ginni’s critical condition. They all cried and prayed God. Aditya pleaded with the doctor to anything and everything to save Ginni. The doctor informed they were trying their best only and left.

Aditya asked Armaan to find a best doctor. Armaan obliged and went to make a call. Amber got tensed when Supreet informed him about the tragedy that happened to Ginni and assured her the one who behind this will get caught soon.

In the hospital Gulraj demanded Aditya for assurance about Ginni’s recovery. Aditya looked helpless and send her with Shampy and Dimpy to look after her. Gulraj expressed her agony after witnessing Ginni’s state. She also get disheartened seeing no one from the Singh’s family cared to visit Ginni who put her life in danger to save Aditya.

Just then Supreet arrived there with Amber and his brother. Supreet and Amber’s brother expressed their gratitude for Ginni for saving Ginni. Supreet praised Ginni and called her the strongest pillar of the Singh’s. Amber enquired whether Ginni told anything about the shooter’s and get relieved when informed him no.

Aditya’s uncle went to Aditya and told him he wanted to repay everything that Ginni did for him but he don’t know how he was going to repay for risking her life to save him. He also expressed his guilt for never teaching Aditya about the value of relationship and wished Gurkeerat was here to teach him and left the place.

Armaan informed Aditya about Ginni’s detoriating health and went to buy medicine’s. Aditya went to the Gurudwara where he expressed his pain to the God. He said to the God Ginni was the reason behind him entering this place again after Gurkeerat’s sudden demise and he wanted God to save Ginni at any cost and decided to perform an atonement of standing in one leg and pray until Ginni was out of danger.

He fell unconscious and Ginni opened her eyes in the hospital. Armaan came to Aditya and informed him Ginni was out of danger which lead Aditya to thank God. Aditya with the help of Armaan came out of the Gurudwara.

Armaan questioned Aditya the reason behind him doing such hard atonement for Ginni to save her life especially when he told Ginni was no one to him. Aditya told Armaan after his mother’s death it was Ginni who he had seen the same faith in God and she literally put herself in order to save him so he got worried and scared when the doctor informed her life was in danger so he had done all this for her.

Armaan advised Aditya to think why he was doing all this for Ginni. He then took him to the hospital where Aditya get questioned by his uncle and Amber when they saw him limping while he was walking also Armaan helping him to walk. Aditya told them the least he could do for Ginni was this only also they had to focus on Ginni’s recovery which made Gulraj happy.

Amber thought Aditya was always an emotional fool. He even went to sacrifice his life for Sam who wanted to use him but here Ginni saved him by putting her life at risk so he don’t think Aditya was going to remain silent so he had to find a way to not to get caught.

Aditya went to see Ginni when the nurse informed Ginni was taking his name only. Ginni woke up. Aditya scolded her for risking her life to save him. He also questioned the reason behind her doing it. Ginni told him she dont a need reason to do all this for him as they both were bounded in a relationship.

Aditya took care of Ginni. Ginni got surprised seeing Aditya’s fondness for her. Singh’s and Grewal’s came to meet Ginni in the hospital. Gulraj blessed Aditya.

Aditya stayed with Ginni all the time. Aditya and Ginni stared at the vermilion box which Gulraj gave. Ginni looked away while Aditya recalled his marriage with Ginni also took the bullet for him. He then filled her hairline with vermilion shocking Ginni. Later Aditya brought Ginni home.

Akash welcomed her also advised Aditya to not to trouble his Angel didi which made Aditya and Ginni to smile. Supreet expressed her gratitude to Ginni also told her she was part of the family and they are there for her. Amber and Shailaja also welcomed Ginni.

Ginni lose her balance and stumbled which lead Aditya to carry her in his arms and took her to their room. He advised Ginni to take rest. He also decided to cook soup for Ginni.

Aditya gave instructions to the cook about the ingredients he can add and not to add in Ginni’s food. He then asked Shailaja to not to trouble Ginni which angered the latter so she decided to trouble Ginni. Amber had a nightmare of Ginni saw him when the horrible incident took place and told the same to Aditya. Aditya got furious at Amber.

Amber got determined to kill Mrs.Randhawa to keep his name clean. Ginni refused to have medicine as it was bitter. Akash supported Ginni. Aditya send Akash out and fed Ginni the medicine.

Shailaja mixed the ingredients which was against the doctor’s advice in Ginni’s soup without the cook’s knowledge. Aditya asked Ginni to have soup but the latter refused which made him to feed her. They both shared an eye lock.

Ginni started coughing vigorously and sat on the floor nearby bed which made Aditya worried. Aditya get worried when he witnessed Ginni’s state so he called the doctor and followed the doctor’s instructions and gave Ginni the medicine. He then grown suspicious of the soup so he confronted the cook but the cook told him he followed his instructions only.

Aditya announced that he will cook for Ginni herafter until she recovered which made Supreet happy but Shailaja get annoyed. Later Aditya asked Armaan whether he got to know about the shooter’s information. He then saw Ginni was struggling with her dress so he went to help her.

They both shared a moment together. Ginni then fall asleep but had a nightmare that someone shot Aditya so she woke up. Aditya calmed her down and assured her he was fine also he will find who was behind all this. Ginni fell asleep.

Aditya decided to find the shooter’s identity to lessen Ginni’s worry about his life. The next day Ginni found herself waking up nearby Aditya. She apologised to him but Aditya assured her it was okay because he as a kid went through the same pain. He then made a joke to Ginni to help her bath which made Ginni to scold him.

Aditya got angry at Ginni’s doctor who was training her to help her recover when Ginni felt pain while doing the exercise but the doctor continued her treatment. Aditya send the doctor out which made Ginni smile. Ginni told him this was the first time he was scolding someone else for her.

Aditya then helped Ginni with her exercise and they both stared at each other. Ginni told Aditya that whenever she fall sick in her childhood this is how her father took care of her.

Aditya asked Ginni to have food which he brought for her and left when he received a call from someone. Pasha was waiting for Aditya in the living room of Singh’s house. Aditya arrived there and saw Pasha had a pistol with him so he questioned him. Pasha revealed the shooter’s used similar pistol only and they had no clue in order to find them.

Even if they find it was not going to be that easy to find the actual person who was behind all this. Aditya advised Pasha to ask his men to found out soon the person behind all this. Amber overheard and learned Aditya hired private investigators also to find out about him. Ginni greeted Pasha and the latter requested her to recall the shooter’s face the left the place.

Priest arrived at Singh’s mansion. Both Aditya and Ginni took him inside. Ginni praised the priest’s effort to provide good quality prasad. The priest praised Rajvant for helping them. Shailaja convinced Akash to not to tell anyone about the sweet box which she kept with her. She even bribed him by giving him a sweet box in which only Kushwant’s diary was.

Gulraj and Simran got into a heated argument when Simran suggested to make Chinese food in the dhaba. Goldie supported Simran’s idea which broke Gulraj. Gulraj permit them to do what they wanted to with the dhaba. Simran got happy.

Ginni prayed God to help her find her father’s diary. Amber’s men gave Amber a new sim to contact whoever he wanted to through this. Amber wondered where must be the diary which he kept it in the sweet box but now it was nowhere to be found.

Akash played skating inside the house while held the sweet box in his arm pit. Ginni saw this and suggested to take the prasad box with him after he played but before she could get the sweet box Aditya interrupted them and gave both her and Akash the prasad. Aditya send Akash inside when the latter slipped but he hold him and saved him on time.

Aditya then encouraged Ginni to recall the incident and let him know whether she found anything that related to the Shooter. Ginni faced struggle but she got happy when she recalled the glimpses about one shooter.

She informed the same to Aditya and started describing the shooter. Meawhile the shooter entered the Singh mansion. Aditya got distracted when he saw something. Ginni got confused seeing Aditya’s reaction.

In the next week viewers will get to see that Amber will advice Ginni to take rest. He will ask her to reach out to him if she need any help. Ginni will nod okay. Aditya will tell Amber they don’t need his help. Amber will decides to leave. Aditya will stop Amber and inform him that Ginni recalled two informations related to the shooter which will shock Amber.

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