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Star Bharat’s show Channa Mereya is gearing up with an interesting drama with Ginni gets determined to save Rajvant also find who is after Rajvant’s life. Now it will be interesting to see what will happen next? Will the Singh’s get adjust to the Grewal’s presence in their house? What will be Amber’s move to throw the Grewal’s out of the house? Will Aditya help Amber?

In the previous episode we had seen that Aditya was confronting Ginni in his intoxicated state and expressed his hatred for her also congratulated her which hurt Ginni. Ginni asked Aditya to return home as he was drunk now. Once he left Ginni told herself this was not she wanted. Aditya called himself an unlucky person and expressed his agony to Supreet. Supreet tried to pacify him but Aditya went to his room.

The next day Shailaja enquired Amber whether he found any solution for their current state. Amber informed not yet just then they all heard the dhol was being played. The Grewal’s entered the house which shocked the Singh’s. Amber shouted at the Grewal’s and asked them to leave the house. Ginni informed him that she was their business partner also the owner of half of their property so she and her family have every rights to stay inside the Singh’s house.

She then went to Aditya and mocked at him for not being welcoming towards his business partner. Aditya taunted her and told she was more cunning that Simran then had a drink infront of her then left the place angrily. Shailaja shouted at the Grewal’s also accused Ginni of trying to kill Rajvant. Ginni told her they have seen the oxygen inhaler in her hand but didn’t saw her removing it so she should stop blaming her.

She then took her family with her to bring their belongings inside the house. Amber got furious when he saw Ginni was putting Kushwant’s name board in the wall so he threatened to file a case but Ginni reminded him about what he done to her family which might make him lose the remaining properties too which shocked Amber and the family.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Ginni will draw a line in the middle of the house and tell everyone hereafter they should use their side of the house only. Aditya will say to Ginni that the line which she draw will fade one day but their relationship will never be the same.

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