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The episode starts with Raunaq feeling disappointed about Chandni leaving from his life. Chandni thinks Raunaq’s memories are enough for her, even though their relationship was fake but there was some truth in it that’s why she is feeling the pain going away from him. Chandni says Raunaq is not but the situation is not in their favour. Vimla comes to kitchen and sees Vandana working. She asks her what she is doing. Vandana tells Nisha has not been eating well these days so she is cooking for her. Vimla appreciates her goodness and for upbringing Chandni and Roshni so well.

Vimla tells about Nisha always being all lonely and says it feels to see Vandana taking care of Nisha. Sumer returns back home and Chandni greets him. She asks about Roshni and he tells she has gone on yatra with Sanjay. Raunaq addresses Sumer as dad which pleasantly surprises him. Raunaq touches Sumer’s feet and hugs him leaving him speechless. Raunaq tells him that he missed him and apologizes him for everything. Sumer readily forgives him and said how he was waiting for hearing dad from Raunaq. Sumer asks Chandni what she has done to make this happen.

Chandni tells is just miracle of God. She thinks they will him all the truth later. Sanjot says first phase of her plan B is successful and now its time for second phase. She calls herself soon to be MD for Babbar industries. Vandana tells Sanjot that Sumer has returned back and Roshni has gone to take mata rani’s blessings with Sanjay. Vandana also tells Sanjot to look after Nisha but she gets angry on her and tells to mind her own business.

Nisha is sitting all alone when Sanjot comes to her and questions why she has not eaten food yet. They get into argument and Sanjot tells she needs to be disciplined so Nisha has to go to hostel in Nainital. Nisha denies but Sanjot sternly asks her to pack her luggage. Chandni and Raunaq come to Sumer to tell him truth about Sanjot. Chandni says its about someone close to him and he might feel broken after knowing the truth. Raunaq tells how Chitra’s heartattack was not because of sickness but a murder. Sumer gets shocked. Raunaq tells same person who killed Chitra wants to take Roshni’s life too and that is Sanjot. Sumer shouts at Raunaq to shut up.

Chandni tells about how Roshni has been attacked multiple times. Raunaq tells they have brought the proof where she has herself confessed it all. Chandni tells they aren’t questioning the relationship of Sumer and Sanjot but truth cannot be neglected. Raunaq gets shocked to see the confession video changed and Sumer scolds him badly. He doesn’t believe them inspite of all their pleading. Sumer blames Chandni for being manipulative and making Raunaq against Sanjot. The episode ends with Sumer taunting Chandni for being two faced and acting good while she wants to take away his sister from him.

Precap Sanjot will tell Raunaq and Chandni that she was not drunk that night and declares open challenge against them. Sumer will happily tell about Roshni being pregnant.

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