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The episode starts with Roshni coming to talk to Chandni and Chandni gets happy. Roshni says if sisters argue outside it looks bad so she came to room. Roshni blames Chandni sending Raunaq to convince her. Chandni gets shocked and says she did not send him. Roshni tells Chandni she is insecure of Roshni because of her pregnancy and she has to protect her baby from her. Chandni tells baby has danger but not from her. Roshni does not believe her words. Chandni tells Roshni that Sanjot wants to kill both Roshni and her unborn baby.

Chandni says how Chitra was also killed by Sanjot. Chandni tells Raunaq has known the truth so they are together now. She says Roshni even if she doesn’t trust Chandni she can trust Raunaq. Roshni speaks in favor of Sanjot and warns Chandni to stop her manipulative games. Sanjot comes to Roshni and asks why she is so stressed. Roshni tells Sanjot about how Chandni was insitagating against her. Sanjot manipulates Roshni against Chandni and says she is innocent but Chandni wants to take advantage of the situation and prove herself better than Roshni. Roshni tells Sanjot together they can take care of everyone.

Sanjot offers her fresh juice. Roshni is about to drink it when she gets a call and mistakenly drops the glass of juice. Sanjot thinks Sumer is not at home and she needs to take advantage of the situation to finish Roshni. Chandni is checking some papers in Sanjot’s room when she comes there and asks Chandni what she is doing in her room. Chandni says Sanjot how she got all property papers including business and home on her name. Sanjot says its her right and tells her to keep the papers back.

Chandni tears of the property papers and Sanjot raises her hand on Chandni but she holds them and warns Sanjot to stop hurting her sister’s family as she is standing as shield infront of them. Sanjot plans to take a big step. Roshni sees papaya’s seeds and peel in dustbin and thinks papaya is harmful for pregnancy and realizes about Sanjot trying to hurt her and her child. Roshni comes and tells the same to Raunaq and Chandni. Raunaq consoles Chandni when Roshni tells she believes Sanjot is trying to hurt her but she won’t join hands with Chandni.

Sanjot takes gun and comes to Roshni’s room. She points gun thinking Roshni is lying on bed but gets shocked to see her behind herself. Sanjot checks there are pillows on bed. Roshni says that she is not alone in the room and everyone has seen her actions. Chandni also enters the room and together they mock Sanjot. Raunaq also comes and shows everything has been recorded in his phone. Sanjot quickly keeps knife on Roshni’s neck and Chandni points gun at Sanjot. Sanjot says they already have proof against her so she will do the crime. Sanjot threatens to hurt Roshni and says Raunaq to delete the clip. The episode ends with Raunaq saying he will delete the video.


Sanjot asks Chandni to give her the run. After she gets the gun, Sanjot will try to shoot Roshni but Chandni will come infront.

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