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The episode starts with Chandni sitting on wheelchair outside in garden at hospital and recalls all her moments with Raunaq. She keeps smiling as she remembers their previous meetings. She gets up from wheelchair and tries to walk on her own but stumbles, however before she can fall, Raunaq reaches there and saves her. She falls in his arms and they smile at each other. Raunaq picks her up in his arms and says if her stitches open all his hardwork will go waste. He makes her sit on chair and tells her that she should be more careful as she is very precious.

Raunaq takes care of her feet and helps to keep it on ground properly. Nirbhay keeps drinking and crying because of his breakup. Vikash comes there and badmouths Roshni and her family, he tells how he has warned Nirbhay that she is not right for him. Nirbhay loses his calm and tells he has guts to admit if he did something wrong and he acknowledges himself responsible for Chandni’s condition unlike his father who ran away after doing so wrong to Roshni’s family. Nirbhay says he isn’t kid to believe his lies and knows well he is one behind everything that happened with Roshni’s family and death of 40 children.

Vikash admits that he was at fault but he says he did it for Nirbhay and his mother. Nirbhay says they never needed his money but his time and love which he never gave them. He asks Vikash to leave. Chandni is brought back home, while entering she stumbles both Raunaq and Roshni hold her. Chandni avoids talking to Roshni. Grandma asks Roshni to make soup for Roshni. Raunaq asks on call if his work is done and he will manage the rest of it.

Raunaq asks Manav to take care of Chandni as he has to go for some work. Shankar comes to meet Chandni and asks how she got hurt. Chandni says she is fire fighter and keeps getting hurt. Shankar talks about his elder daughter. Roshni comes with soup. She tries to talk to Chandni and tells she had broken up with Nirbhay and will never see his face again. Chandni doesn’t say anything back. Raunaq goes to factory and badly beats up Raj and Jogi. He warns them to stay away from Chandni. Roshni is sitting and crying when Raunaq comes there.

Roshni lies that she isn’t crying but something went in her eyes. She tells about Chandni’s silent treatment. She asks Raunaq if he fought with anyone. He lies that his bike had accident. Police come there and arrests Raunaq for attacking Raj and Jogi ruthlessly. Manav tells him not to worry he will talk to his lawyer immediately. Police asks Raunaq why he did so. He tells he did right as they had hurt an innocent girl. Chandni comes to meet him in jail and gets impressed hearing his words. Manav tells its almost time for court to close so Raunaq might have to stay in jail for a day however Nirbhay comes with lawyer and gets him bailed. The episode ends with Chandni sitting in car while Roshni is standing outside with Nirbhay.

Precap Nirbhay will get beaten by Sumer’s goons. Chandni will accept Nirbhay and Roshni’s relationship. While Raunaq vows to destroy Chandni’s happiness.

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Chashni 26th March 2023 Written Update: Roshni asks Nirbhay for breakup