Star Plus has started a new move in this time of lockdown. We all are aware that all the shootings have been stopped and it has been more than 2 weeks. Almost every channel is not able to telecast any new episodes as the episode bank is over for all the shows. Fans are missing their favourite shows.

Star Plus has taken a nice initiative where it asked all it’s ITV actors working in Star Plus’s show to shoot a video of themselves at home. The video contains a nice and motivational message for the viewers and their fans. Then Star Plus has now asked them to send the channel a video of each actor singing the song ‘Ashayein’. Combining all the videos they made a music video were star parivaar and the song was combined to make fans enjoy their favourite actors.

The actors loved to shoot this as even they are missing their work and acting career. How much did you all fans like this new kind of initiative? Let us know in comments. Keep buzzin! Stay safe!