Kunal Bhan aka Dr. rahil is known for his wit and humor. Today, on his insta story he shared him, Jason Tham, Surbhi Chandna’s video makig faces while waiting in between the shots from the sets of Sanjivani 2.


Few more videos are updated by Surbhi Chandna. 


Looks like the wait long and they were really having fun together. As per the latest track in show, Dr. Ishani and Dr. Sid both are attracted to each other but avoiding to say it first. However, their sweet little romantic moments are noticed by everyone around them including their friends. They are sometime teased or other times lectured to understand their love for each other. everyone around them has become cupid.

In the meantime, they have discovered Nurse Philo daughter Jessica has terminal cancer and she have few days left. She was about to marry Jignesh, but said no once she discovered her disease. But Jignesh is not ready to give up on her. So, doctors convince her to marry him but she is hesitant to go on her mehndi function as her hair starts falling down. 

In the above video, it’s the sequence of their mehndi and engagement ceremony. 

However, Vardhan tries to make a move towards Dr. Anjali. Dr. Shashank and Dr. Juhi has finally sorted out their differences. Vardhan is up to something big. 

What do think about the videos and the track going on? Will there a confession of love between Dr. Ishani and Dr. Sid? Will there be a confession of truth between Dr. Juhi and Dr. Shashank? and Will there be a confession of crime of Vardhan in front of Dr. Anjali? Will Dr. Juhi ever learn truth about Dr. Rahul?

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