Star Plus’s show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehelata Hai, has seen lots of ups and downs. Kaira just got married but soon after that new challenges crossed their path where the duos brother Luv and Kush made an entry and it was shown they are spoilt and have molested a girl. This leads to a huge court room drama where it’s Kaira(played by Mohsin Khan and Shivangi Joshi) with trisha and goenkas with Luv and Kush. The track got bit stretchy but then finally writers wrapped it nicely giving it a nice conclusion and end.

Now with this track ending, fans are wondering what’s stored next for their favourite couple Kaira. Well, there is lots of romantic track that the viewers will witness. It’s after ages that viewers are getting a nice romantic scene of their favourite Kaira. After this drama, Kaira will celebrate holi in their room in a very romantic way. They will relive their romantic moments after all the separation they have gone through. Amidst all this romance, there is another drama that will pop between this Kaira romance. It will happen such that Gayu falls from stairs of Goenka villa and only Kaira witness this. They come running to pregnant Gayu who is holding her stomach and crying. Seeing this Kaira worry about Gayu and her baby. Gayu will make them promise that they will not tell anyone that she fell from stairs or else Samarth might get furious as this baby is really important for him. But little did Gayu knew hiding this little thing invited a bigger problem where Samarth will blame Gayu that she has internationally done a abortion as she never wanted another child other than Vansh. This will break Gayu. Here to make things right, Naira will stand up for Gayu and will try to tell the actual accident, but Samarth will scold Naira too. Naira will get very emotional. Kartik will be seen consoling her.

Well this is just the start of the emotional roller coaster ride. If news is to be believed then Kaira are going to get another baby and that too a girl this time. There is still uncertainty about whether it will be their dead baby girl coming out as alive or it’s going to be a whole new pregnancy track! We will update you with the correct news as soon as possible!

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