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The episode starts with Nupur leaving to station hiring a cab. Constable Sheela asks why she comes to meet Hira Amma after morning incident. Nupur says she wants to find Chikoo’s parent’s details from her and she requests them to allow her. Inspector allows her and asks Constable to keep an eye on them. Nupur thinks about how can she give the key to her. Chikoo worries for Nupur.

Mini calls everyone and tells Nupur has fled. Chikoo says Nupur has gone to ATM. Mini says she is lying as mummy goes to the police station to meet Hira Amma and she hugs Tai in tears saying Hira Amma might kill my mom and Chikoo has sent my mom for her parents. Tai scolds Chikoo. Chikoo says she didn’t send her. Kamini says these dramas are irritating me so I will leave home with my kids as I want to save them from danger.

Hira Amma acts like she is scolding Nupur and she forwards her hand for key then Nupur says you can betray me after taking the key so tell me about them before getting key. Hira Amma says I can stay here but think who will tell you about her parents. Nupur asks her to promise that she won’t betray her. Hira Amma says it’s a promise then Nupur handovers the key to her and asks her to tell the truth. Hira Amma says not now as I need to escape now as it’s their dinner time so wait behind police station. Nupur leaves warning her to not betray her.

Milind arrives there and questions her what’s is she doing behind the station? I told you right Hira Amma is a liar and won’t tell you anything. Nupur thinks Milind will fall in trouble if someone caught us and she sends Milind home saying she will return in an hour finishing her work. Hira Amma escapes from prison and she makes one of the Constable unconscious then leaves from station wearing her dress. Nupur waits for Hira Amma. Milind returns home.

Everyone asks why he didn’t bring Nupur. Milind says she has work and will return home soon. Tai asks why he got blinded in Nupur matter. Milind says she is not doing anything wrong and she just went to find about Chikoo’s parents. Chikoo says the weather is so bad and Nupur is still outside so she might feel sick and she prays Bappa for Nupur.

Nupur thinks hope she didn’t betray me. Milind receives a call from Inspector and he tells everyone that Hira Amma has escaped from jail. Hira Amma escapes in a car. Nupur gets shocked and blames herself for trusting the fraudster and helping Kidnapper. She cries badly for her mistake. Nupur returns home. Everyone at home scolds her for helping Hira Amma. Savitri asks her to tell the truth. Tai says what will she answer, she will tarnish our reputation. Nupur apologizes to them for her mistake.

Chikoo tries to go near her but Tai warns her to stop. Kamini says you helped criminal and our reputation is going to get ruined. Tai says police will arrest you. Milind questions why she deceived her. Chikoo tries to stop him but Mini warns her to not be involved. Nupur leaves. Kamini asks him to arrange more security for their house. Tai plans to arrange special pooja.

Episode ends.

Precap – Hira Amma kidnaps Nupur and reveals Mini is not her daughter.

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Chikoo Ki Mummy Durr Kei 17th January 2022 Written Update: Nupur prepares duplicate key to escape Hira amma from jail