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The episode starts with Ravi calling Venba and asking to inform Kavin that Banglore clients are waiting for him. Then Ravi tells Venba that Kavin learned that she’s pretending to be injured. He talked to the doctor, who treated her. This is the reason why Kavin is acting rude with her. Ravi adds that in order to make her confess the truth, Kavin is getting close to Yazhini. Venba smiles and says that he is too late. He already told the truth coming in her dream. Venba further says that she told everything to Kavin and reconciled with him. Ravi gets glad hearing this. He cuts the call.

Later Venba informs Kavin that Ravi called him to the office as he has some important meeting with Banglore clients. Kavin isn’t in mood to go to the office and wants to spend time with Venba. However Venba persuades him to leave for office. Kavin kisses her and they both go downstairs. Yazhini notices Venba and Kavin together and feels bad. Kavin says freeze and Venba stands like a statue. Kavin flirts with Venba and tells that they will celebrate their first night today. He kisses her and releses her from her statue position. He leaves. Yazhini watches everything and gets teary eyes.

Yazhini goes to Mallika and says that she lost to Venba. Gowri advises that Venba and Kavin’s love is true and she can’t separate them and asks her to accept the truth. Yazhini gets angry. Mallika assures Yazhini saying she’s always with her. Yazhini says but Kavin isn’t on her side. She tells that she saw Kavin and Venba romancing and says that they won’t be able to stop their first night tonight. Gowri tried to cover whatever she said just before. She says that Yazhini doesn’t have patient. Yazhini easily believed Kavin and went behind him without realizing he’s acting. She further adds that she doesn’t have any intention to support Venba going against her own daughter, but she just wants to say that Yazhini’s strategy to win Kavin is wrong. Mallika reassures Yazhini and asks her to follow Gowri’s advices. She then advises Yazhini not to try cooking and all seeing YouTube to impress Kavin. Gowri feels relieved that Mallika and Yazhini believed whatever she told.

At the office, the clients are waiting for Kavin. Kavin comes to the office. He signs the documents and says that he will come to the Banglore and will stay five days there to finish the deal. The clients get happy and takes their leave. Ravi gets upset because Kavin told him earlier that he will go to the Banglore to finalize the deal. He questions Kavin about the same. Kavin says that for some unknown reason that he can’t spend time with Venba at their house. So he planned to take Venba with him and celebrate their honeymoon in Bangalore. At Kavin’s house, Mallika throws the coffe cup angrily. Venba comes out hearing the noice.

The episode ends.