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The episode starts with Bagylakshmi looking for Thiru. She finds his letter in which he has written that Venba and Kavin love each other and he hopes that she will not wish to kill their love and get Venba married to him. Everyone has rights to choose their life partner so lets them get united.

Thiru comes out. He tells her what happened the engagement day. He got a phone call before they leave for Saradha’s house. A FB is shown. Thiru meets Kavin. The latter says Venba and he love each other. Thiru says Saradha had already told him everything. Kavin says Saradha doesn’t know full matter. Their love went to the next level. They got married and they even lived together in a separate house. Thiru refuses to believe him. Kavin says Venba is his wife.

Thiru says if it’s true then they both would have talked to their respective house. Kavin says their circumstances is like that. Thiru still refuses to trust his words and says none can stop this engagement. Kavin holds his shirt and asks to talk to Venba and see. They start arguing. Kavin shows his and Venba’s photo. Thiru gets shocked.

Kavin admits that he couldn’t tell this truth to his family because Yazhini’s and his marriage was fixed by his family when they were kid. He’s scared that his mom will kill Venba if he reveals the truth. Thiru apologizes to Thiru and says he will stop this engagement. FB ends. Bagylakshmi says her son has a big heart. Thiru says anyone in his place would have done like this. He further says he has to do like to unite Kavin and Venba. Bagylakshmi says he did correct.

Venba is seen crying. Kavin worries for Venba. He says she’s not calling him nor picking his call. He doesn’t how she’s, if she had food or not. Ravi asks him to try her phone again. Venba doesn’t answer Kavin’s calls. Sevanthi comes to Venba. She picks the call. She says the problem isn’t solved yet. Venba didn’t have food since morning and crying. Kavin says he’s coming.

Kavin comes to Saradha’s house. He calls out Venba. Anbu and Kalai try to stop him. He pushes them away. He goes to Venba’s room. He takes her out holding her hand. He asks her to come with him. Venba releases her hand from his grip. She says she doesn’t want to repeat the same mistake.

Kavin says they should live their life. Venba reminds him that he didn’t even ask her wish before marrying her. Kavin admits he married her without asking her wish, but she had come with him when he called her. Venba admits that’s because she loves him. Kavin asks her to forget her family and his family and live together at least for one day. Venba says she will not come with him untill her family accepts their marriage.

Kavin says none cares about them and asks her to come with him. Venba refuses. She says her chithi didn’t come out of the room since morning, she has brought a big shame on her chithi and gave her lot of pain. She requests Kavin to leave. She says she doesn’t want to hurt her chithi anymore. Her family is more important for her.

Kavin shouts to stop it. He says she’s an orphan so they’re treating her like that. Her chithi wouldn’t have sit whole day locking herself in, if her own daughter had done like this. Anbu and Kalai ask him to leave. Kavin stops them. He asks them to answer his question. He asks what’s Saradha’s relation with Yazhini, why she wanted to unite Yazhini with him. Kavin calls Saradha an hypocrite, her love and care everything is fake. Venba loses her cool and slaps him multiple time. Kavin stands stunned while Venba cries hard.

The episode ends.