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The episode starts with Kavin calling Saradha a hypocrite. Venba slaps him multiple times. Venba asks how he dared to speak ill about her chithi. She tells about how Saradha sacrificed her life for her children. She then says she doesn’t know who her real parents are, even if one day they come in front of her, they’re no one for her.

Only her chithi matters for her, nothing else matter not even this Thali. She’s about to remove it. Saradha stops her. Venba apologizes to Saradha saying she’s her daughter. Deeba says Venba isn’t at fault. Kavin forcibly married her. Kalai and Anbu realize that Venba isn’t at fault and apologizes to her. Saradha says to Kavin that he may take this all easily because his upbringing is different and Venba isn’t like him because her upbringing is different.

They all love each other in the family inspite of many misunderstandings. Venba cries hugging Saradha. Kavin says he will not disturb her hereafter untill she herself take a decision. She asks her to be happy with her family and leaves. Saradha asks if they all had food. They say no. She feeds everyone food.

Kavin says he knows Saradha is more important for Venba. Apart her family everyone understands this. He has to act to make her family understand this. Kavin says everyone knows Venba is his wife, it won’t take a minute for him to bring her with him stating his rights over her, but that’s wrong. Venba will be happy if her parents sends her with him wholeheartedly and he will wait for that.

Venba says to Sevandhi that she can’t believe that Kavin can think about her chithi bad. Sevandhi says he has created an opportunity for everyone in the family understand her love. She shows Kavin’s video in which he says he doesn’t want Venba cry or anyone in the family hate her.

He says he will come to his house and ask her to come with him. She will definitely refuse. Then she will provoke her to scold him so that her family understands how she loves them. He asks Sevandhi not to tell this to Venba. He then says until Venba’s parents accept their marriage, Venba should stay with her parents. Venb gets emotional seeing the video.

Kavin sneaks into Saradha’s house. He hides inside Venba’s cupboard. Venba comes to her room. Kavin comes out of the cupboard. Venba gets shocked on seeing him. She asks him to leave before anyone see, if her chithi sees him, she will take it wrong. Kavin says he’s hungry, he didn’t have anything since morning. She goes to bring food for him.

Deeba catches Venba while serving the food on the food. She questions her what she’s doing here. She just now had food. Venba lies that she’s still feeling hungry so come to take food. Deeba asks her to eat well. Venba gives the food plate to Kavin. He eats in hurry. Venba says her sister-in-law are awake so it’s better, if he leaves after finishing the meal.

Venba sees injury in his elbow and questions about it. He says he got hurt when his brothers trashed him. Venba feels bad. He says leave it. He shouts as he has bitten a chili. Venba kisses Kavin to calm him down. Idhu Dhan Idhu Dhaan song plays in the background. Kavin finishes eating. Venba gives a paper to clean his hands. When Venba opens the room door to send Kavin, they find Saradha in front of her. The trio look shocked.

The episode ends.