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The episode starts with Venba and Kavin coming back home. Venba cries remembering Saradha’s words. Kavin says he can understand her feelings. She’s crying that she has to hide the truth from her chithi. She hasn’t done anything wrong. Venba says but she loved him. Kavin says he was lucky that she loved him.

He consoles her. He says they got to know that the lady(Shanthi) lives in this area. He assures her that once they will find her out and save her dad, everything will be sorted out. He asks her to trust him. He side hugs her. Saradha meets the advocate. She tells the advocate that she got to know about that lady Shanti in fact she even saw her but missed her. The lawyer says they have only 1 day to find her for court hearings. Saradha promises to herself to find Shanthi in 24 hours.

Yazhini is in jewelry shop waiting for Kavin. She video calls him. Kavin is studying one file. Venba asks him to attend the call or at least to cut. Venba gets shocked seeing Yazhini video calling him. She tells him the same. Kavin doesn’t bother and cuts the call. Yazhini keeps calling him.

Kavin attends her call without any option. Kavin apologizes to her saying that he was held up in a meeting. He will come finishing the meeting. Yazhini says she wore saree today since he likes traditional look. Then she tells how once he praised Venba when she came wearing Saree for office. Yazhini further says he broke with Venba. The latter gets shocked. Yazhini further tells she loves Kavin so much. She goes to a corner and gives him a virtual kiss. Venba gets angry.

Venba angrily tells Kavin that he married her and enjoying Yazhini’s kisses. He’s cheating both. Kavin gets angry. He tells he loves Venba only and acting like this with Yazhini for a reason. A FB is shown. Mallika tells to Kavin that he’s going to get married to Yazhini very soon and asks him to spend more time with Yazhini. Kavin gets irritated. He says he can’t run behind Yazhini all time. Mallika says she got to know about Venba. She knows that Venba is out of town and she will not return untill their marriage. She asks him to keep Yazhini happy. Kavin angrily leaves.

Kavin says he’s fed up of Yazhini. He decides to tell Yazhini the truth. He goes back. He hears Mallika and Dharma’s conversation. Mallika asks Dharma to kill Venba. Kavin gets shocked. Dharma tells her not to do any stupidity. Venba isn’t an obstacle for Yazhini and Kavin’s marriage as she left the city. If she did something with Venba, Kavin will start hating her. Mallika says she will have no reason to live if he will hate her. Mallika agrees with Dharma but she will not leave Venba if she comes again between Yazhini and Kavin. The latter thinks this

Kavin asks if she understands now. Venba says yet he’s doing right by cheating Yazhini. A girl can go to give her live for her love. Venba says she doesn’t want Yazhini goes to that extent. She’s cheating Yazhini along with him which her heart doesn’t accept. She’s further tells she’s worried about Yazhini.

The episode ends.