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The episode starts with Venba giving mushroom soup to Mallika. The latter is surprised that Venba knows mushroom soup is her favorite. Venba says that she knew about everyone’s favorite dish. Yazhini and Gowri are watching them from the upstairs. Mallika says that she thought Saradha’s daughter will never lie but she proved her wrong. Venba looks puzzled. Mallika says that she lied to all of them that her arm was broken and made Yazhini and Gowri do all household works. Venba says that she had a valid reason to lie. She tells that someone intentionally failed her car brakes in order to kill her and adds that she also has proof for that.

Mallika gets shocked and asks to show the proof. Venba says that she will show it when the right time will come. If she shows it now, it will bring a storm in the family and will enrage Kavin. She’s daughter of Saradha’s so she doesn’t like to break the family. If Kavin comes to know about the truth, he will leave this house taking her. Mallika looks stunned. Venba then tells about Yazhini’s challenge and adds that she lied for this reason as well. She taunts Mallika saying she must’ve not known about all this and walks away.

Yazhini tells Gowri that Venba knows everything, she can be a big danger, so they should throw her out of the house. Mallika throws the soup bowl in anger. Venba comes to her asking what happened. Mallika lies that there was dust in the soup. Venba taunts her and says that she will clean it. Yazhini comes to Mallika and asks to teach a lesson ti Venba.

Venba is cleaning the floor. Kavin comes back home. He lifts Venba in his arm. Venba asks him to put her down, but Kavin refuses and says he’s delighted. Venba asks what’s the reason for his happiness. Kavin tells her that they’re going to Bangalore for 5 days for honeymoon. Venba gets stunned and wonders what to do now. Mallika comes downstairs and looks shocked seeing Kavin holding Venba in his arms.

Mallika questions Kavin what’s all this. Kavin puts Venba down and says that Venba had put a new rule that he has to lift her up in his arms after returning from office. Venba tries to deny, but Kavin says freeze and stops her. Kavin then tells about his five days honeymoon trip to Bangalore which shocks Mallika. Yazhini and Gowri come there. Yazhini asks Kavin if it’s necessary to go to Banglore when corona is spreading fastly. Gowri asks Yazhini to stay quiet and let Mallika decide. Kavin requests Mallika and she agrees. Kavin takes Venba to the room to do packing as their flight is at 7pm. Yazhini asks Mallika why she agreed for Kavin and Venba’s trip. Mallika says that Kavin came to her after making all arrangements. Yazhini asks Mallika to somehow stop Kavin. Mallika thinks.

Venba asks if it’s necessary to go to Banglore now. Kavi asks her not to spoil his mood and asks to pack their stuff. Yazhini argues with Mallika why she gave her consent. Venba asks why she didn’t consult her before booking the tickets. Kavin says that they’re one. Gowri calms Yazhini down and advises not to interfere in husband and wife matter. Yazhini argues with Gowri. She asks Mallika to do something. Venba tries to change Kavin’s mind giving some excuses, but Kavin stays firm in his decision and asks her to get ready. Venb wonders how to escape from this honeymoon trip.

The episode ends.