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The episode starts with Saradha catching Venba and Kavin together. She leaves without saying anything. She calls out her family members. She scolds them for not being vigilant. She asks if they know that someone has entered their house and having dinner in room. They look puzzled. They ask who has come.

Kavin comes there. He apologizes to everyone for sneaking into their house without their permission. Venba says he was hungry so she had given him food. Saradha asks will she feed her husband secretly. Venba and Kavin look at her shocked. She asks what kind of husband and wife they’re. Venba happily hugs Saradha. Saradha says they have accepted Kavin as their son-in-law so hereafter there’s no need to enter the house secretly. She adds that they had dreams about Venba’s marriage, they got upset that dreams were broken.

Kavin agrees with her and apologizes to her. Venba thanks Saradha for accepting their marriage. Kalai says they can’t find a better boy than Kavin for Venba. They all congratulate Venba and Kavin. Saradha says she will talk to Shanmugam and will arrange for Kavin and Venba’s register marriage. Venba and Kavin look at each other smiling.

The next day family is gathered at a registered office. Shanmugam asks Saradha what is the need to do their marriage once again. Saradha says it’s necessary to register their marriage, as Mallika may create any problems in future. Everyone teases Venba. Kavin and Venba sign in their marriage papers.

Ravi and Saradha sign as witness for Kavin and Venba’s marriage. Kavin and Venba exchange garlands. Family blesses them. Kavin promises to Saradha that he will not Venba shed a tear. They all leave for Mallika’s house. Shanmugam says to Saradha he will not come with her and she knows the reason. Saradha nods yes.

Kavin and Venba arrive at Mallika’s house. Yazhini, Mallika and Gowri get shocked seeing Kavin and Venba in wedding attire. Venba family comes and stands behind them. Yazhini shouts no. She accuses Kavin of cheating. She says she will not let them leave happily. Gowri scolds Kavin. She says Yazhini was madly in love with Kavin since her childhood. She misunderstood that Saradha was the reason for Yazhini’s broken wedding but she realised now that Kavin is a fraud.

Yazhini says Kavin isn’t like that and says it’s all Saradha family’s plan. She says she will not leave them. Saradha says she can’t change what happened, she should accept the fact that Kavin and Venba are married. Gowri tries to throw Venba out, but Kavin stops Gowri. He asks who she’s to throw his wife out.

If she doesn’t like his wife, she should leave this house with her family. He further says he doesn’t want to have any relation with anyone who disrespects his wife. Saradha says everyone only sees his mistake. Kavin admits he did mistake by hiding the truth. He’s ready to accept his mom’s punishment for that, but none can change the fact that he married Venba.

Yazhini cries asking Kavin not to trust Saradha’s family. They are fraud. She asks him to leave Venba. Yazhini tries to snatch Venba’s Thali. Kavin, Deeba try to stop her. Saradha pushes her away. Gowri says she will not let Venba live with Kavin. Yazhini tries to remove Venba’s thali again. Mallika orders Yazhini to take her hand off Venba’s Thali. Yazhini obeys. Mallika asks her to bring aarti shocking everyone.

Mallika says to Kavin that she had told him multiple times that nothing is more important for her than his happiness, then why he had hidden the truth from her. Kavin says he tried to tell her, but couldn’t. Mallika says to Venba that she had won Kavin’s heart. Now she doesn’t have any other option than accepting her, because she likes whatever her son likes. Saradha thanks Mallika for having a change of heart. Mallika says she hasn’t changed confusing everyone.

The episode ends.