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The episode starts with Yazhini asking Mallika to somehow stop Kavin from going to Banglore. Mallika says that Venba reminds her Saradha, who sealed her educational institution and shattered her dreams. Mallika says that she will not leave Venba even if Yazhini wants it. She will use Venba’s tactics against her. Yazhini says that she doesn’t understand it. Mallika says that Kavin only knows Venba lied to him, but he doesn’t know she lied for the sake of the promise that she gave to Yazhini. She will reveal to Kavin about the same and make him think that Venba cheated him. Yazhini is worried that Kavin may get angry with her. Mallika assures Yazhini that she will take care of it.

Meanwhile Kavin asks Venba to get ready fast else they will miss the flight. Venba decides to delay him more. She tells Kavin that she’s confused and doesn’t know which saree to wear. Kavin chooses a saree for her. Venba asks Kavin to turn otherside so that she can wrap the saree. Kavin agrees. Venba deliberately slowly wraps the saree. Kavin gets annoyed waiting and decides to make her wear it.

Ravi phones Kavin to know if he reached the airport. Kavin asks Ravi to bring some file to the airport. Ravi agrees. Kavin asks Ravi to look after all the office work for five days as he has planned to spend all his time with Venba. He cuts the call.

Mallika comes to Kavin and Venba. She asks Kavin to take care of Venba and visit all the places. Kavin agrees. Mallika takes Venba out for a talk. Kavin wonders why Mallika took Venba apart and wonders if she’s planning something. He decides to go and check.

Venba asks Mallika what she wants to say. Mallika sees from her corner of eyes that Kavin arrived there. He’s hiding and overhearing them. Mallika asks Venba if she’s going to Banglore with Kavin. Venba nods yes. Mallika says then she wants to know whether she will keep the promise given to Yazhini and will stay away from Kavin for 6 months or she will break the promise and stop cheating Kavin. The latter gets shocked hearing this. Venba says that she made that promise for Yazhini’s sake. Her chithi wants Yazhini to get settled down in her life. Mallika says that means she will keep cheating Kavin and asks if she’s doing right with Kavin. Venba says that she can’t break the promise given to Yazhini. Mallika scolds Venba. She says that she thought his son is happy with his wife, but she betrayed her trust. She then asks if she will keep the promise even after going to Banglore. Venba says that she’s looking for a way to cancel the trip. Mallika says that Kavin trusts her more than his own mother, but she betrayed his trust. Venba asks Mallika what she wants her to do. Mallika asks her to decide whether she’s going to keep the promise or starts her married life with Kavin forgetting about the promise. Venba says that she will talk to Kavin after returning from Bangalore and will take a decision. Mallika agrees. Venba leaves. Mallika smirks.

Kavin comes back to the room. Venba also comes to the room. Kavin asks Venba what his mom told her. Venba lies that she wished her safe journey. Kavin angrily throws the bag against the wall shocking Venba.

The episode ends.