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The episode starts with Kavin shouting at Venba. Kavin tells that he overheard Venba and Mallika’s conversation. He asks Venba why she promised to Yazhini that she will not to consummate her marriage. Venba says crying that Yazhini badmouthed her. She told that her love is true where’s her(Venba) love is fake and she trapped Kavin for money. Yazhini challenged her first. She said that she can change Kavin’s heart in 6 moths. She(Venba) told Yazhini that even after a year she won’t be able to change Kavin’s heart and promised not to consummate her marriage until that. Kavin scolds Venba and says that she cheated him. Venba says that she’s innocent. Kavin denies and says that he’s innocent. He got cheated every night by her. He loved her more than his mother, but she cheated him in return. He hits his head on the wall to punish himself for loving her. Kavin says that he’s leaving the house and going to kill himself. He goes downstairs. Venba goes after him calling out Kavin.

Kavin goes to Mallika and says that their honeymoon plan is cancelled. Venba betrayed him. He doesn’t want to see even her face. Mallika asks what happened. Kavin says that she also knows about it. Venba promised to Yazhini without thinking about him. Yazhini intervenes and says that she’s innocent. Venba challenged her and blames Venba. Mallika supports Yazhini. Venba denies and cries saying that Yazhini is lying. Gowri says that both Yazhini and Venba are wrong. Kavin says that he can never forgive Venba for what she did with him and walks out of the house. Venba goes after him begging to forgive her. Kavin sits in the car and drives off ignoring Venba’s pleads. Venba runs after the car. She shouts asking why he can’t forgive her leaving his ego aside and asks if his love for her is a deceive. She shouts one day he will understand her and comes back to her. She cries hard.

Gowri says to Mallika that she could’ve stopped Kavin from leaving the house. Mallika says that she knows her son, he will come back once his anger will cool down. Yazhini is happy that Venba and Kavin’s honeymoon trip got canceled and thanks Mallika for the same.

Ravi calls Venba to enquire when they will reach the airport. Venba cries and says that everything is over now. Kavin leraned about the truth. Yazhini manipulated Kavin and put all the balme on her. Kavin got furious with her and left home. She requests Ravi to find Kavin and bring him home. Ravi agrees.

Gowri worries about Venba. Yazhini asks Gowri why she’s bothering about Venba. Just then Venba comes in. Mallika stops her and says that she ruined her family’s happiness. Venba requests her not to rub salt on her wounds. Mallika taunts Venba. Yazhini says that Kavin is furious with Venba and not with her(Yazhini). She then asks whether Venba will leave the house or hang herself down. Mallika laughs and says any respectful woman will do any one these two. Venba cries and runs upstairs. Gowri says to Mallika and Yazhini that they are doing very wrong. Venba became the daughter of this house ever since she married Kavin and they shouldn’t humiliate her like this. Mallika and Yazhini look on.

Kavin is driving the car in high speed remembering Yazhini’s words. He says that he loved Venba truly, but she cheated him. Other side Ravi is looking for Kavin. Ravi phones Kavin, but he cuts the call. Kavin reaches the beach and gets into the water. Venba is worried about Kavin and tries to contact him.

The episode ends.